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  • 100 threads!

    We have passed 100 threads already!

    Congrats Wills on making this happen! And great work Pete, Gina, and Mike!

    Let's keep it up!
    SE PA
    Zone 6

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    Cool! And we are at 175 members this morning - which I never thought could happen in just under 2 weeks.

    A forum is what the members make it.

    Let's keep it up, indeed!
    SoCal, zone 10.
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      Yea! What a great start.
      Frank ~ zone 7a VA


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        Originally posted by Gina View Post

        A forum is what the members make it.
        Agree, but leadership and initiating the project in the right way is also crucial.
        I am looking forward to seeing info posted on figs during the ripening season from all of the experienced growers here, and the idea of a fig database is pretty awesome.

        SW PA zone 6a


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          Congrats to all. Things are moving right along, I'm proud to a part of it! Thank you all.

          I'm looking forward to see maybe a map with success and ripening times of all of the different cultivars across the country. How cool would that be, plus a huge help for new members to pin point the best figs for their area.

          Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

          “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison


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            Yes Thanks to leadership for the refresh. I certainly like vBulletin a lot. It's much easier to use and hopefully with mods things will stay focused. I'm curious since this is paid software if eventually this will be a club with dues? This is fairly common in the saltwater aquarium forums.


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              Hear, hear. It is the leadership and the organization of data (and proposed data base) that is most impressive IMO. Well done, leaders of the forum.