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  • Which of These Are the Same Fig?

    I've seen numerous threads on these types with unclear information on the topic. Are these really all that different?

    Green Ischia/Verte
    Strawberry Verte/Strawberry
    Vasilika Sika
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    One thing that I have heard and seen is that there are two different "varieties" of Vasilika Sika out there. One closely resembles and might even be Stella (long thin leaves) and the other one that doesn't.

    Search for willscfigs on eBay for the first one

    and hermansur of eBay for the second.

    Both well respected fig collectors but clearly two different types named Vasilika Sika.

    But you've probably already seen this already

    Regardless Vasilika Sika is supposed to come from Greece so how different is is from the true Adriatic (not the JH Adriatic), i have no idea. They might be in the twins, siblings or cousins?

    I think Conadria came from the Ira Condit's breeding program so I think it's different.

    I hope this helps.
    Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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      Vasilika Sika is very different from Green Ischia at least the long leaf version of V. Sika. Now the round leaf version of V. Sika is more similar. Ahh figs, have to love the confusion
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        Yes, they are different. Although hey have a similar flavor profile (Adriatic Berry Flavor Group), http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...-flavor-groups , they have different growth habits, ripening times, lineage, fig and leaf shapes.

        They can be separated as follows;
        1. Green Ischia... Verte... Strawberry

        2. Strawberry Verte

        3. Ventura

        4. Adriatic...Verdone

        5. Stella... Vasilika Sika (finger leaved)... Dalmatie

        6. Conadria (Ira Condit Hybrid of Verdone)

        Good Luck, there's lots of scattered documentation and some comparisons of leaves and figs archived on the fig forums.
        Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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          There's a lot of cutting deals going on right now, so I definitely wanted to make the right decisions. Thanks for the help guys--you've cleared this up nicely for me.

          As a side note: I really like that thread, Pete.
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            Adriatic came for a guy in Texas. His name is Joe Hood. Hence the name Adriatic JH.

            Conadria should not be in that bunch.

            Stella and VS have the same leaf pattern and might be the same.

            Strawberry came from Louisiana and is not the same as Verte or Green Ischia.

            No matter who you ask, others will disagree. However, I do have each and every one of these Except Verdone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. This one is mine. Cheers!
            Charlotte, NC /Zone 8a


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              I would also add the following to my list of different cultivars;
              7. Vasilika Sika (standard leaved) with the same name.

              8. Adriatic JH (Joe Hood) with the same name.
              Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b