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  • Durio Nursery's Green Paradise

    Good day, does anyone have Durio Nursery's Green Paradise fig? I do and there is a problem. I bought 2 from Dalton Durio about 3 years ago. I asked Dalton, the owner of Durio's Nursery if it was related to Battaligia Green. He said it was the same. HOWEVER, the leaf pattern of my trees do not match!

    Sue sold me cuttings from her true Battalgia Green before she sold her nursery in Virginia. I rooted a few cuttings a few years ago and today I have a few small trees. BG has no FMV and is one of the best tasting green figs with a dark red center. But it does ripen late. It also has single and 3 lobe leaf patterns.

    My GP does not have any single lobes. My 2 trees are have 5 lobes!!!!!! This is really a mistake on my part because, since Dalton told me it was same as BG, I tagged the tree as such. But I left Dalton's white tag down deep in the soil just incase it wasn't the same. Three years later, I'm finding out they are not the same. Don't get me wrong, it's taking GP 3+ years to start producing where my BG were producing every year. My GP are older trees. In my hardy test, I left some outside every year but brought 2 inside. Since they were all labeled BG I left the the oldest one outside. As it turns out, those 2 that I were leaving out were oldest and were GP. This is the first year to compare side by side because last winter I brougth 1 GP inside. After it leafed out, I placed all 4 next to each other in a sunny spot and now I can see the error! When I dug down to check the white label, sure enough, it said Green Paradise Durio.

    I'm not mad but I did have an air layer set on one and was getting ready to remove it when my gut instinct clicked in to double check. So, my original question is, Does anyone else have Green Paradise from Durio Nursery? I plan on calling Dalton in a few minutes and talk to him about the these 2 figs. So, if anyone else has GP, please post a picture of one of the leaves if you don't mind. thanks !
    Charlotte, NC /Zone 8a