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  • Are they ripe yet?

    She's hard to convince the figs need a few more days. My inground Sal's GS seems unfazed by the cooler weather and is getting ready to pump them out. Definately an in-ground winner in Zone 6.
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    Ah, the little ones...once they've acquired a taste for figs, with those tantalizing morsels hanging from the tree.
    Squeezing, inspecting, looking under leaves, hoping to hear those precious words from Daddy - "That one's ready to pick."
    It's what it's all about.


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      My 4yr old son surprised me this year. We would look at the trees every day and I would explain to him how to know when a fig is ready to pick. I would have him gently squeeze a ripe fig vs a non-ripe fig. Throughout the summer he would tell ME when the fig was ready to pick. And his judgement was right! Talk about a proud Dad.
      Frank ~ zone 7a VA


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        Kids know what's good!!

        Now the trick is getting to eat some your self.
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          No kidding. I have go out at 6 in the morning before anyone else is awake if I want to eat any for myself.

        • Hershell
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          I guess you say those darn birds!

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        My daughter loves to go out and pick figs, she's a little older though (8). Similar story to Frank about telling me what's ready to pick.
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