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  • Donate button question.

    Upon clicking on the Donate button, I get redirected with a phishing warning. Now, I completely trust this site and I can't find any compromise on my computer. Is it safe to proceed? The picture is the warning that I get.
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    I got the same thing when I clicked on it with Avira.

    I can't guarantee you that it's safe but pretty sure that it is as long as you confirm that you are going to the pay pal site in your address bar.
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      I have not gotten that page.

      If you have a pay pal account, just go in from there to be safe.

      Wills will need to have the host look into it.
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        Ya, I would just go into PayPal and manually enter the info, just to be safe. I use AVG and Avast but have never got that. The PayPal address to donate is [email protected]
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          The issue is with your anti virus software, Avira, my guess is it does not like the redirect to paypal. When I click on it I get the Paypal HTTPS page and as long as the S is there it is a secure site and transaction.
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            I suspected that it was just a false positive from the Avira Browser safety function. It is actually a remnant from a temporary Avira install. I actually use AVG. One update to AVG kept crashing my computer and continued to do so after multiple reinstalls. I had to dump AVG for awhile and needed something else, so I chose Avira. Eventually, I was able to put AVG back on my computer.

            Thank you all for your responses.
            Eatonton, GA zone 7b/8a