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  • Fig pic backlog: Takoma Violet, Hollier, Smith, LSU Tiger, Longue d'Aout

    Clearing out a backlog of fig pics. For the photogs, sorry about the horrendous lighting. I mostly have time to photograph while the kids are eating, so that means in the kitchen under fluorescent lights.

    My impressions:

    Takoma Violet: First year tree. Tasty despite the cooling weather and recent rains. It was sweet and had a hint of berry and acidity in the background. I'd compare it to my Hardy Chicago if only it hadn't finished ripening the last of its figs two weeks ago. Upgraded to keeper.

    Smith: Came to me as a 5 foot tree. Figs have been mildly sweet with a hint of berry. The flavor mostly tastes washed out to me, which is not surprising considering how much rain we've gotten over the last few weeks. I'm hoping for better next year, or maybe I'll get lucky and have a nice one ripen before the season ends. Gets a pass for another year of evaluation based on its reputation.

    Longue d'Aout: First year tree. I suspect I picked the fig a touch early, but it was still good. This one is a winner. The taste was quite sweet, especially considering how much water has fallen from the skies lately. Upgraded to keeper.

    LSU Tiger: First year tree. There was sweetness near the eye, but the fig tasted mostly like mild washed out sweetness. I may get one or two more figs to ripen on the tree, so I may change my assessment later. For now, it's under evaluation for another year.

    Hollier: Unsure of tree age, came to me as a 3 foot tree. Between the properly ripened figs on my Italian Honey and Hollier, I have been converted into a fan of honey figs. Taste was sweet with some fruity notes in the background. Even the ones that ripened in torrential downpours still had a decent flavor. Keeper.

    Owensboro Unk: Not pictured, first year tree. I didn't take any pictures because the taste wasn't anything special. It tasted washed out due to way too much rain. To be fair, it didn't taste any worse than my Hardy Chicago when it ripened under the same condition. I may get another fig or two to change my impression, but for now, it gets another year of evaluation.
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    Good pickings! I think I have a TV at home to pick then.
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      In your opinions, would you guys say that TV is the best of the Mt Etnas?
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        Some people think the Takoma Violet is the best of the Mt Etnas (notably Herman on F4F) . I don't know if I've had enough figs off my young trees to rank my Mt Etnas. For a first year tree, I'm pleased with my TV. It's definitely in contention for making the cut when I eventually thin my collection in the future.
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          Looking good Johnny, nicely written evaluation.. Really enjoy that