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  • Overwinter for Breba

    The weather is getting cooler and a freeze is due within the next week. The temperature will be in the mid 20s and I don't want to damage next years breba crop. I was wondering should I move my Desert King, Petite Negra and a couple of other figs that produce brebas into storage now or wait for the cold to start the figs into dormancy. What is the low temperature a breba will survive.
    Aside from the brebas, all 40+ trees will be moved into storage by the end of the month, hopefully before the temps drop below 20°F.
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    Fig trees will usually stay dormant with maintained temperatures below ~ 40*F and more breba will survive winter storage if the low temperatures are maintained closer to freezing 32*F. When sustained temperatures fall into the 20's and below the trees will not only take longer to break bud in the spring but will experience more dieback and breba damage.

    IMO if protected from direct frost a couple of low temperature drops down into the 20's should not pose a major risk to the trees. Good Luck.
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      Thanks for the response and info for overwintering the figs. They will be stored in the basement which stays around the low 40s through the winter.
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        You're welcome.
        BTW, the temperatures have to be maintained at those 'lower temp ranges', 32F to 40F to ensure continued dormancy, if the temperatures 'warm up' the dormant fig trees will break dormancy even if they are in complete darkness. Good Luck.

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      I've seen 25 thrown around as the temperature at which breba buds may start to suffer damage. There does some to be variance by variety though. Personally, I'll be erring on the side of caution with my breba crop varieties and moving them in sooner than later once dormant.
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