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  • Dormant treatments

    Wondering if anyone employs dormant treatments on their fig plants. This is done with some other fruit, trees, vines. Dormant oil, urea, lime sulpher, seaweed emulsion, copper are some examples that can help improve plant health or fight off pest and disease.
    Jesse in western Maine, zone 4/5
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    Mouse traps? Ive not had this problem, but I guess rodents can cause quite a bit of damage. I don't have a ton of experience with it, but my instincts tell me to avoid treating, at least once they're dormant. I only have to water my plants 2-3x per winter before spring rolls around, so I guess I don't have many opportunities to do so. I'll keep an eye on this thread though...curious as to what others do.
    Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a


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    I'm considering a dormant oil spray to knock down some a suspected mite problem on some plants.
    SE PA
    Zone 6


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      I was thinking about a dormant oil spray as well, Kelby. All those I mentioned in the OP would be sprayed on at or after leaf fall. Apple growers give a fertility shot of nitrogen to the naked tree with liquid urea, I imagine other fruit orchard have similar practices.
      Jesse in western Maine, zone 4/5
      Wishlist- earliest maincrop varieties


      • Kelby
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        I've never heard of the urea before...can't imagine any nutrient absorption on dormant branches.

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      The only dormant treatments that I'll continue to practice other than providing 2 cups of water to each 5 gallon bucket occasionally during the winter are as follows;

      1. I've trialed (in 2nd season) a modified posted commercial fig fertilization schedule, increased K (Potassium) at the end of the growing season using dilute water soluble fertilizers with a higher K ratio, General Hydroponics MaxiBloom 5-15-14 or Miracle-Gro Tomato formula 18-18-21 to maintain healthier growth till full dormancy.

      2. Dusting the dormant trees before placing into storage with Sulfur Plant Fungicide, the bare fig tree branches are "dusted" with a 3" polyester paint brush. Along with destroying the fallen leaves the treatment seems to have reduced and almost eliminated the incidents of Rust at my location. The 2 trees that were not dusted last year were also the first 2 trees that exhibited earlier symptoms of Rust inoculation this season. Originally trialed Neem Oil as a dormant spray but it was a bit messy and also seemed to promote mold growth.
      Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b