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  • Bordissot Blanca first fig

    I rooted this plant from a cutting obtained from a generous forum member in Feb. of 2014. I planted it in the ground late May of that year. No figs developed at all the first summer. It pretty much froze to the ground but came back from nodes at ground level. Again, this summer it didn't set much fruit despite my pinching and then did set a few figs later than most of my other in-ground figs. Some of these dropped. Apparently this is one of those varieties that needs to get the root system well established before it sets much fruit and the cold damage didn't help either. Anyway, one fig made it and I picked it today. It had a very pleasant taste with average sweetness and less than normal seed crunch. I would rank the flavor a notch below Adriatic JH, another in ground fig that is still ripening at this time. Hopefully, it will improve with age. The plant has distinctive leaves in which the central/dominant lobe has a small set of "thumbs" part way along its length. I'm keeping it for at least another year.
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    D-i-c-k-e-r-s-o-n, MD; zone 7a
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    Congrats! The leaves are very attractive. I bet the figs will most certainly improve over time.
    Adam Vista, CA 9b


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      If Bordissot Blanca Rimada is a synonym of Panachee, the a Bordissot Blanca should be a Panachee with no stripes, right???
      Zone 10b, Miami, FL


      • Rewton
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        Rafael, that's an interesting question - it may be. I wonder how the leaves compare?

      • Rob Ster 010
        Rob Ster 010
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        Isn't Bordissot Blanca the same as Brogiotto Bianco? At least that's what i always heard.

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      I do not think bordissot Blanca is same as Brogiotto Bianco because their leaves are completely different if I compare mine with Steve's (Rewton).
      My Brogiotto Bianco leaf does not have multiple lobes, just a leaf with no ... lobes . My tree is 3 years old, very vigorous but does not produce fruits yet .

      Unless mine is a fake one . Will find out ...
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        The leaves could pass as panachee, well my panachee anyways.
        Ryan- CenLa, zone 8a/b


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          Good to know
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