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  • High Tunnel input wanted

    Hi Folks,

    Within the next year I plan on putting up a High Tunnel and growing figs in it. Not sure how many of you have experience with them, but soliciting any input on design, manufacturer, etc.... I have already bothered Herschell and Fruitnut (Steve) as I know they are versed in High Tunnel or Greenhouse. It will be around 2000 Sq foot so a sizable project. Thanks for the input.
    Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,

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    Build it as big as you can and it will still be too small. Motorized one side curtain so it won't be necessary for you to always be there to open and close it up. The other side can be manual. Use two thermostats to operate the curtain so you have a wider range between open and close. Build it on a well drained area and crest the soil before construction. For figs, taller is better. Cuttings from spring are already 8' tall in one of my houses. I should have pinched but didn't. Before your order is placed let me look over your proposal to see if everything you need is included. Some material is furnished by the customer but I don't recommend wood endwalls. They are cheaper but not my favorite. 2x6 toe boards are ok if that's what you want. Drop down curtains are much better than roll up curtains if you have the option. This was just a few thoughts for the morning.
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      Great Input Hershell Thanks

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    With where your located, you should order a shade cloth when you decide what size, as it's going to get really hot, really quick in there.

    Fans, your going to needs fans to move the air around to help prevent disease. With something 2000 sq feet, you will need two fans on one end, and two motorized shutters on the other end that open via temp control.
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      It's much cheaper to operate curtains than fans and definitely cheaper to purchase. figs need full sun also. Jmho

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    Thanks for both your inputs. I see one thing I have to reconsider. I was going to run waterlines but not electric as the location will be in my upper field and I think close to an 800 foot run. I work from my house so am around to open the side curtains. But while on occasion it's been 2 weeks before I leave my driveway it would be nice for thermostat control.
    Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,