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  • 2015 Ripening Order

    I have found similar threads useful in the past, and since the frost this past weekend stopped the potential of ripening on a few late figs, my list for this year is complete. My list may not be the most useful for others since most of mine are 2nd or 3rd year plants. My plants are mostly in SIPs (a few are in pots), and just the Sal's (Gene) is in ground (but only since May).
    I started the fig shuffle in the first and second weeks of April.
    The initial leaves formed earliest on Atreano, O'Rourke, Emerald Strawberry and Unk Celeste in early April.
    The first of mine to develop main crop figlets were O'Rourke on 5/30 then my Unk Celeste and Malta Black within 2 days. Unfortunately O'Rourke dropped its first 8 or so figs like a Smyrna before they started ripening.
    Brebas formed on many more but they were hit with a late unexpected frost.
    Hopefully others will chime in to contribute.

    2015 Ripening list
    7/20 Unk SM green breba
    7/27 Nero breba

    Main crop
    8/12 Lattarulla
    8/14 Unk Abington
    8/18 Unk Purple (Grasa)
    8/19 LSU Purple, Unk SM Purple, Old Brooklyn Italian, Bryant Dark, Red Sicilian (MN)
    8/21 Atreano
    8/22 LSU Gold, Tuscan Dark
    8/23 Hardy Chicago
    8/24 Emerald Strawberry
    8/27 San Pietro, Malta Black
    8/29 VdB
    8/30 O'Rourke
    9/3 Celeste
    9/4 Unk Aaron's Wall Fig, Unk SM red
    9/5 Qalaat al Madiq
    9/7 Nero
    9/11 Black Triana
    9/14 Chiappetta, Italian Black, Unk SM green
    9/15 Brooklyn Dark
    9/17 Sal's (Gene)
    9/23 MBvs, Susser Georg
    9/25 Salce
    10/16 Pied de Boeuff

    SW PA zone 6a

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    Ripening order lists are a great idea. If only I had been organized enough to keep track...
    Stuff I grow: Google Doc


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      This is definitely a huge help! Thank you Ed for taking the time to share this with us. I have a few of these varieties, so thanks to your list I won't be completely in the dark next season! If I'm lucky enough to get figs that is lol.. fingers are crossed!
      My Plant Inventory: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...HZcBjcsxMwQ7iY

      Cuttings Available 2022:


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        I'm quite surprised to see MVBS so late on that list. I thought it was pretty early, being a good candidate for a fig up north. Either way, thanks for the list. These are always incredibly helpful for those trying to space out their season a bit. Congrats on so many up in PA as well!

        As a side note, how was emerald strawberry?
        Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a


        • eboone
          eboone commented
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          Brett - my MBvs plant was a gift from another grower and has been very late to wake up both years I have had it. Fruit and leaves look true to variety. I am going to root prune it shortly and put it into a SIP, hope to correct some problem it has. I also just obtained another MBvs to see if it will do better.

          Emerald Strawberry was one of my favorite light figs, some fruity flavor, more complexity than my Atreano (which was growing beside it and was the closest in terms of ripening season, fruit size, etc - I was always picking them near each other and comparing them. Atreano was very sweet, but I liked the ES better). Another way to look at it was it's flavor was halfway between the Atreano and a Strawberry Verte.

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        Ripening Report at link, noting date, breba or main, pot or in ground, age.

        Some growers record age differently. The way I do it, for example, the Ronde de Bordeaux is listed as being 1 year old, even though it is in its second leaf and is about 8 feet tall. Same goes for the Zingarella and others. These will turn 2 this winter, being rooted the winter before last. Last year I would have listed them as RC, for rooted cutting, being less than 1 year old. I have no RC, rooted cuttings, on this list because I allowed none to ripen fruit.

        At least one fig that ripened much later than it normally should is Florea. It was in a too shady spot so did not give a representative ripening date.

        All the Mt Etnas are underlined, unless I missed some.

        The Late Bordeauxs by various names are indicated as such with a single asterisk.

        Lyndhurst White aka Latarolla are indicated as synonymous with a double asterisk.

        Other than those three types I don't think I have multiple names of other cultivars listed, though perhaps some can be found.

        2015 ripening order.pdf
        Tony WV 6b


        • tyro
          tyro commented
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          Nice list Tony,thanks for taking the time to compile it.

        • mountainfigs
          mountainfigs commented
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          My pleasure. I like to know what I am growing. What surprised me this year is that the Late Bordeauxs are not as late, as they age, as I had thought they might be, at least in pots. Not as productive as early as the Mt Etnas but not far behind, and they are a premier fig. In ground, I don't know. I only now have one in ground since I had thought they would be too late to be worthwhile there, but now I am beginning to wonder - especially if low limbs can be protected over winter.

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        eboone, I noticed your MBVS ripened kind of late. I thought it was normally an earlier ripen-er. Any thoughts on why it took longer?
        Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Black Celeste


        • eboone
          eboone commented
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          Don - see my comment above. I have not been happy with mine, and was glad I won the MBvs from fitzski's raffle earlier in the month. I am hoping that root pruning, repotting might help it, it always wakes up late when stored the same as others in my portable orchard.

        • don_sanders
          don_sanders commented
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          Oops, I missed brettjm's post. Sorry about that.

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        Hi Ed and Tony,thanks for the data,did either of you "pinch" any of these to bring them in earlier?
        I only kept track of my mature tree's which I allowed to run wild this year,these are finishing 5th leaf.
        These dates are when the first fruit ripened,tree's are grounded.

        Vista 5/22
        Strawberry Verte 6/4

        Vista 7/2
        Strawberry Verte 7/10
        Figo Preto 7/14
        MBVS 7/28

        I've also noted MBVS is the last to wake up here.
        Paul Robert,Simi Valley,Ca. 9b


        • eboone
          eboone commented
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          no pinching this year on all but a few as a trial

        • tyro
          tyro commented
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          MBVS,it's not acceptable in my climate either.The grounded one will be
          removed when dormant.Very late to leaf and shy bearing.It's had 5 years,
          enough already.

        • mountainfigs
          mountainfigs commented
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          I sometimes pinch limbs of ground bushes to try to get fruit to ripen earlier. I pinch limbs of trees in pots to try to get more compact growth, less gangly, and also to try to ripen fruit earlier. I don't think it hurts the fruiting any but I'm not sure it helps the fruiting except marginally.

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        That's a pretty good list, Ed.

        I hope in a few years, my ripening list has as many figs in it.
        Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


        • eboone
          eboone commented
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          Kevin, that is in 2 yrs. I'm sure you will catch up very quickly. It is really fun that figs produce at such a young age compared to the rest of my orchard

        • fitzski
          fitzski commented
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          Yes, I agree. It's great that figs fruit so young. I'm really looking forward to next summer.