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  • Khurtmanni aka. Red Israel aka. Red Palestine

    I ate my first one today. It wasn’t quite ripe yet, had a strong fruity taste with some sweetness but was diluted and watery. Hopefully the remaining fig on the tree will be a little better. It has a nice reddish color with a very open eye. Some people have identified Khurtmanni/Red Israel/Red Palestine as a Brunswick but it doesn’t look at all like the pictures of a more golden Brunswick in the F4F Varieties section. Thank you, thank you, generous member who gave me the tree.

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    It doesn't look like Brunswick to me.
    My RI has not fruited yet, I am curious if the figs will be like yours or Vito's ( he has a thread on f4f that is active now).
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    • Altadena Mara
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      Thanks for the thread suggestion. I found Vito's Schar Israel post, but the fig he shows is much longer than my Khurtmanni. Khurtmanni is flatter with more burgandy shading to black colored than reddish orange/green/black.
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    In contrast, my Dark Portuguese produced its first ripe fig today. It was ugly, shriveled with discolored, mottled skin, half the size of Khurtmanni. But it had the exact same flavor, only much more concentrated: a strong berry taste with a nice acid/sweetness balance. Even the skin on DP was sweet, unlike Khurtmanni.
    Mara, Southern California,
    Climate Zone: 1990=9b 2012= 10a 2020=?