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  • Looking for the perfect fig

    My ideal fig would be highly productive of flavorful fruit, be resistant to rust, and ripen in a rainy zone 8 climate without splitting. Any ideas?

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    There is no "Perfect" fig since the flavor criteria is subjective, but many of the Mount Etna type figs could be considered for the title.

    Sals GH (Gene) or Sals EL (Edible Landscaping) are both similar to Hardy Chicago, Dark Berry Flavor, http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...-flavor-groups but are sweeter with shallower leaf sinuses and would have my vote for prolific, productive, rust resistant (thicker leaves) and ripen properly in my humid zone 6 and 7, NYC. Good Luck.
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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      Thank you. I will try to track those down.