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  • OT: Miracles do happen

    My 1st rewards off my Miracle berry (Synsepalum dulcificum) , and this is not from my plant I have been struggling along for maybe 6? Years. This is day one for this plant and I hope I can keep it producing.
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    I like them very much! I found out they like morning sun, shade in the afternoon, and being very acidic. I use cotton seed meal as an acidic fertilizer. They produce like crazy. I keep mine in a 10 gallon pot. Warning, do not eat a fig after you rolled a miracle fruit in the mouth! It becomes way too sweet!


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      Congrats! Miracle fruit amazes me. I just started growing them this year.

      How old is your tree?
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        Welcome to the forum Berto,

        Looking forward to see your results on Ficus Racemosa. You are in a better location for Miracle berry than me. I think I might eat some figs after them. I will see what they can do on some of my late season mummified figs


        I just bought this tree Yesterday so not sure how old. My 6? year tree is much smaller and has not produced for me yet, but I imagine this plant is much younger. 2 winters ago I thought I killed it months later it re-foliated I did grow some 30 years ago when I was in a warmer climate.
        Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,


        • Berto
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          Thank you!
          They are very cold sensitive. They are native to tropical Africa. The fruits freezes quite well. I keep a bunch of them in the freezer, and use them once in a while. It is an amazing fruit. it also changes beer and wine flavors!

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        Nice! I was lucky enough to sample a couple of those bad boys in Costa Rica several years back. Afterwards, I bit into a lemon and BAM! It was candy. I might have to try to cultivate it someday just as a gag!
        Brett in Athens, GA zone 7b/8a


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          Yes more of a oddity than something you would consume on regular basis, but some of the potential uses in medical areas like Diabetes, weight loss, and Chemotherapy are interesting
          Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,