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  • lifigs
    I just bought some copper fungicide made by Bonide and plan on treating my potted trees after they go dormant before I move them into the garage. They say it very important to pick any infected leaves that fall off the tree since the cold winter weather with not kill the rust.

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  • pppldj
    Try Immunox. It is good stuff. It comes in many forms including an aerosol spray can.

    From this URL: http://www.panzarellacitrus.com/tree-info?id=20


    Beside the varmints that eat the figs, figs also have three main problems. They get fig leaf rust, foot rot (phytophthora), and nematodes in our area. Rust starts out as small spots on the leaves that look rusty, and then the rust burns off the tips and pretty soon the whole leaf is aborted. With no leaves on the tree, the fruit never fully develops and is not eatable. To control the rust problem, a retired Berkeley California plant pathologist told me that Immunox (Myclobutanil) a sterol inhibiting fungicide will work. It is a preventative and is not a cure, so it must be applied before the leaves show the rusty spots and tips. Also, it must be alternated with an application of a copper spray so that resistance does not build up."

    You could consider letting this tree go dormant, then treating it with neem, copper or Immunox and then waking it back up. Just a thought.

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  • brettjm
    Dang. I was hoping that the low humidity would kill the stuff. I'll pick up some insecticides tomorrow.

    Thanks for the input.

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  • AscPete
    Hello Brett,

    If the plants are untreated Rust spores will be generated by the inoculated leaves.
    If you are bringing the plants indoors they should be sprayed with insecticides and fungicides to prevent an outbreak indoors. Good Luck.

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  • brettjm
    started a topic Rust on indoor cuttings

    Rust on indoor cuttings

    Allo everyone. I just moved a few of my first year plants indoors to continue growing under grow lights. One of them has a very mild case of rust...a handful of little brown spots. Will it progress indoors, where humidity is relatively low, or should I pull the affected leaves off?