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  • Adriatic (Grasa) cuttings available

    Last year, I was given a large Adriatic (Grasa) tree, which is likely really Desert King according to some experts. I have not yet tasted fruit, but I believe it to bea San Pedro type as it had a very large number of brebas that dropped off when I exposed it to a late unexpected frost, and all of the main crop dropped off in Aug and Sept. The tree grew too tall for me to get in the doorway to put it to sleep for the winter and I had to hack off the trunk at 6 ft tall.

    So, I have some normal sized cuttings and some of 1-2 inches in diameter (I have not rooted cuttings that large) if anyone is interested for the cost of postage. Because of the uncertainty in lineage this should not be renamed as Desert King in the future for propagation, but use it otherwise as you see fit. PM me if interested. Might be up to a few weeks until I could send them out.
    SW PA zone 6a