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  • Would anyone want some of my poopy fish emulsion/sludgewater?

    I raise a lot of fish, and when I drain the filters, I get a sludgewater slurry of fish poop, living and decaying algae, and multiple kinds of beneficial bacteria. Here's what it looks like compared to a cup of clean water:

    I give this stuff to my bananas and figs with great results. It really helps improve the soil when you water with it, since it's so rich with organic matter and beneficial bacteria. It also attracts earthworms, which in turn aerate the soil and leave their own castings (poop).

    Would anyone want to buy some for your own plants? If so, I could bottle some up and ship it to you. If you're interested, you can go to my site at http://www.greenfingardens.com/2015/...-aka-fish.html to order some.

    I've never tried selling any before, so I'm kind of guessing at pricing, but I'm going to start off charging $2 for a 20oz bottle and $1.50 per bottle if you buy a whole case of 24 bottles. The shipping is kind of expensive, though, so the total cost including shipping for 1 bottle would be $12 and the total cost for a case of 24 bottles would be $76.

    I'm a noob at shipping things, so if someone knows how to ship this cheaper, please share
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    I would buy it if you dried it. Then you could ship in flat rate boxes or larger quantities might be cheaper if they went parcel post.
    Bob C.
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      I agree.
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        Thanks for the comments

        I removed the link before anyone could buy any. I may look into drying it and offering it that way, but for now I'll take the easy route and just keep feeding it all to my plants.


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          You could pour it into a kiddie pool protected from the rain. Or, since you're so good at digging ditches you could line one with plastic and have a covering that had open sides and ends.
          Bob C.
          Kansas City, MO Z6


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            You could place the liquid in pans and place them in a solar dehydrator (I've been thinking of building one myself). There are several videos on youtube for building one and since they have multiple shelves, you could spread the liquid out to increase drying time.
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              For what it is worth....I've dried sourdough starter (thin layer) on parchment paper at 100ยบ (might be real smelly for fish poop) then scraped it off to save or send to family members. 1 standard envelope holds a lot of starter bacteria. Might work same for your "green goods" if it will restart when hydrated. IDK if that is the case or not.

              After thought edit.....filter it through 3-5 micron filter then dry and then cut-up the filter..... You can find these filters at a wine making store.

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              • don_sanders
                don_sanders commented
                Editing a comment
                Did you make your own starter or buy one?

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              Made my own starter using flour and pure pineapple juice and some water (takes 7-10 days). It is very easy. It is over 1 year old and very active and productive. I use it 2-3 times per week.....
              Chauqg Zone 6b North of Pittsburgh