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  • Rust

    I have read the rust and copper spraying ideas but must have missed when and how many times you spray. Also is there a best time of day. thanks all

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    Rust is caused by airborne Fungal spores. Rust infected leaves, warmth and high humidity have to be present for the fungus to spread. Spraying is usually done on those warm days when the first signs of rust is evident. Spraying is usually repeated after wet rainy periods when inoculation and fungal growth could occur.

    The best way to reduce or eliminate Rust, especially in colder zones is to remove all inoculated fig leaves in the fall. The Spores will not usually overwinter and will be killed by soil bacteria. For potted trees adding 1 - 2 inches of compost or fresh potting mix to the top of the containers in spring will reduce or eliminate the chances of future inoculation.
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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      thanks for the tips i am in a very hot and humid area