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  • Requesting Fig Identification Assistance

    Hello everyone,

    I recently realized a few figs I ordered were sent as duplicates rather than different varieties. When I first got into figs this winter, I looked for the cheapest prices I could find on the net. I was oblivious to nursery reputations, and ordered from a site called "larrysorchids.com." They later renamed themselves to AuSable Botanicals, and are now what looks like to be out of business. They also have 0 customer service, which I've learned in the past, so even if they were still in business, I seriously doubt I'd get any refunds or exchanges.

    I bought 7 trees from them. Petite Negra, Green Ischia, LSU Purple, Magnolia, Texas Everbearing, Brown Turkey & Black Mission. Please help me identify what I've got.

    1. I've realized that the Petite Negra, Green Ischia & LSU Purple I received in the same order are pretty much the same fig. I believe them all to be Petite Negra. The leaves look a lot like my VdB, and formed figs late in the season. Also seems very rust resistant. See the first 5 pictures.

    2. Magnolia is #6. Texas Everbearing is #'s 7 & 10. Brown Turkey is #'s 8 & 9. These three look very similar to me, but with slight differences. I'm 99% sure the Texas Everbearing is correct. I can't find a true magnolia leaf, but it looks like a mission type. The Brown Turkey doesn't look like any of the Eastern/English Brown Turkeys I've seen--I'm totally lost on this one. All are fast growers.

    3. Black Mission is #'s 11 & 12. Looks distinctly different from BT, TE & Mag. Looks more like a Brunswick type.

    I know I don't have any fully ripe fruit, but any help would be much appreciated.

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