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  • storing fig cuttings ,mine are getting wet ??

    hi i have a problem,my stored fig cutting in ziplock bags in the frig crisper got really wet ,condensation i guess ? is this ok,i got scared of them rotting so i dried them and moved them inside my dark fig winter storage hut.it is total dark in there and about 55-65* F now.i cut all them after two real heavy frosts here all my leaves fell off,so can some one tell what i need to do here i'm scared ? am i gonna loose these ,oh and i did wax both ends of each cutting before storeing them ,help please ?
    zone 6

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    No, its not OK the condensation will cause mold growth.

    One member recommends pre-chilling the cuttings before sealing in the zip-lock storage bags to reduce the condensation that is caused by the warm cuttings in the cold refrigerator.

    I don't pre-chill but instead add 1/4 cup of dry Long Fibered Sphagnum Moss or dry Coco Coir to each gallon storage bag to absorb the condensation.

    The cuttings will only stay dormant below 45* F , above this temperature there is an increased chance of mold growth and damage to the stored cuttings. Good Luck.
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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      The other thing is to try an push out as much air as possible before you sea the ziplock bag. Some people have put a straw in the bag and close the ziplock creating a seal around the straw and suck out the air and then remove straw and seal. Basically trying to create a vacuum sealed bag.
      Bill - Long Island, NY 7a
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