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  • Panache vs Col de Dame?

    I've run across a few older posts on F4F and Gardenweb where Panache is mentioned to be a possible sport of Col de Dame Blanc. Is there any basis to the claim? I've only been able to find a few posts which mention it in passing. I assume there are older threads where there is more discussion, but I haven't been able to dig them out since searching for Panache or Col de Dame indexes a lot of wish lists in people's forum signatures.
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    Johnny I am no genetecist or botanist but I think a sport is different than the process that gives rise to variegation. The Panache is synonymous with Bordissot Blanca Rimada, so it is related to that. The Col de Dame has its own variegated version, Coll de Dama Rimada. And the Coll de Dama Blanca-Negra is a sport of both Col de Dame Blanc and Noir. Hope that helps. But the short answer is, I have never heard what you state. In fact the pulp of Panachee is different from the distinct Col de Dame pulp, which is easily identifiable across most Col de Dame variants.
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      From what I could figure out, a sport can give rise to a variegation. It's been a while since I took a genetics or botany class though, so I can't say that with certainty. Anyhow, you have addressed the reason I asked the question. My Col de Dame Noir has suffered from a mysterious failure to thrive. I do have a healthy Panache, and after reading some posts claiming that CDDB gave rise to Panache, I wondered if I could scratch the Col de Dames off my wish list. It appears I'll have to put the Col de Dame variants back on my list.
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