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  • Fast-rooting Marseilles Cuttings for Trade

    This is insane--I just pruned my Marseilles this Saturday and Sunday. I brought the cuttings to work with me Monday morning to mail and one of the two that I stuck in a vase is already rooting (today is Tuesday). I don't know if it's the heat in my office, the hormones released from the Chinese evergreen I'm rooting in the same vase, whatever... I can't believe it's happening this fast.

    In any case, I've got 8 bundles of 2 cuttings each left--you'll get at least one tip cutting unless otherwise specified. I'm a newbie, so cut them rather long, about 8" with several nodes. These are SUPER fresh, and I send them via priority mail so if you want some instant gratification, let me know! This is a white Marseilles from Monticello's nursery, part of their historical restoration of Jefferson's gardens. The fruit is really delicious and strawberry-like, mine was a brilliant fuschia/red with a light yellow exterior.

    Have/Rooting: Marseilles, Peter's Honey, Jurupa, LSU Tiger, Brown Turkey, Desert King, Chicago Hardy, Violette de Bordeaux, Petite Nigra, Olympian, Marylane Seedless, Lyndhurst White, Ronde de Bordeaux, Pied de Boeuf

    I'd like to get as many French varieties as I can--if you have anything else that's good, let me know. I would prefer named varieties as opposed to unknowns--I'm a research nerd and enjoy reading up on my plants.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Zone 7a in Virginia