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  • Question on Espalier Method

    Hello, new to the forum. I searched the forum keywords and didn't find much on espalier. Will fig trees produce a lot of fruit on a standard cordon type espalier growth method?

    thank you!

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    Try “ site: ourfigs.com espalier” in google

    one good one is


    In general figs grow on new growth (excepting brebas) so low cordons work well. Branches will grow 6+ ft in a summer off the cordons, so you don’t want two levels of cordons
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      So if fruit is on new growth, do people who espalier let the new growth come in with the fruit, harvest and then prune all those branches back to the original cordon shape? and then repeat the following year? Does this method still produce a good amount of fruit?

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      That is right, you trim at the end of the season leaving a couple of new nodes to regrow from, then it repeats the next year.

      I grew low cordons successfully for three years. They ripened fruit. The only reason I took them out was because they grew so tall in the summer that they blocked the view from our patio to our yard, which my wife didn't like. Mine got to 8-10' of growth each year after the first year.

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    Where you are located can make a difference. Growers in cold areas where trees need protection during the winter have commented that espalier grown trees are more difficult to insulate and wrap.
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      Thanks for the tip. fortunately i'm in Socal so i don't have that much of an issue with cold!

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    Provide a bit more info would help. I do espalier all of my in ground trees and they seem to do fine. The breba only figs need slightly more work with prunning but even those are not a real problem. I think most varieties will do well.


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      Greenthing Hello,

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      This topic may be helpful;

      Good luck.
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        Hopefully the photos of my espaliered Golden Rainbow will post. The property has a small lot so we needed it to fit in a flat showing spot. Other then the limited size of the tree it produces lots of full size fruit.