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  • Fig Etiquette......the unspoken rule...

    HI guys! I wanted to bring up a topic that isn't always talked about and is very gray.....i wanted to open up a discussion about how people feel about certain things or pet peeves. Me being new to figs and fig "culture"...i treaded very lightly and didn't cause waves or even had an opinion on things until i figured things out a bit.
    My take on things(correct if i'm wrong guys)
    1)If you buy figs at normal price (i.e. Ebay, nursery, collector) you can sell them as long as you have fruited it and are sure they are true to type. If not then note that you havent fruited and proven its true to type.
    2)If you have been gifted the cuttings and planning to sell the cuttings/plants...its common courtesy to ask the gifter first!
    3)Do not name figs you find unless you can without a doubt prove its a new hybrid/strain or that it can be unique to other figs or region of origin. Otherwise use the prefix UNK(unknown)
    4) Its super annoying for people to jump in and ask for free cuttings right off the bat.(everybody wants something for free....) dont be that guy!....once people get to know you a little better....good things will come.

    I know i'm missing a lot of things........chime in...i think it'll be fun....i hope this topic doesn't cause fights
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    Maybe you should call this "forum" etiquette or "fig collector" etiquette. It all sounds right to me, I also find repulsive a lack of humility, especially when a hobbyist or new collector feels the need to act like an expert. We are all in a learning process. And it never ends. Nature is far greater than us. Good to keep that in mind.
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      I'm one of the new guys and happy to say that To date I've not violated any of these guidelines. I've been active on various activity and collector forums for almost 20 years and can say these are good (what should be common but often isn't) decency and respect.
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        IMO, WillsC's welcome statement, http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...new-start-here sums it up, treat each other with respect and common courtesy. We're all here to share our experiences and to possibly increase our inventory of fig cultivars.
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          The first rule of fig club is: you do not talk about fig club... or maybe I'm remembering that rule wrong.
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            no one is allowed to make fun of my fig shaped dunce hat or grade the pictures in my "Know Your Fig" coloring book.


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              Golden Rule goes a long way - treat others as you wish to be treated.

              Show respect for others even with stupid questions or wrong ideas...

              Be generous as others have been generous with you!
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              • BrooklynMatty
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                I couldn't agree more Ed. I always tell my family that we need to treat others as we would treat ourselves and one another, it never hurts to say thank you even for something so small.

                This is a learning community and everyone should be mindful that everyone is at different stages of knowledge, even people who probably know more than most are still modest about it.

                I cant wait to be able to give back to the community, as others have been so gracious to me.

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              We have a really good group of people here....and it hasnt gotten nasty or ugly one bit....i guess its some weird fear that something is going to mess it up.( i guess that's what good moderators are for) When i first looked into figs a year and a half ago i checked in on the other site and it was a great source of knowledge....but the vibe was nasty...people fighting, no manners, no respect, know-it alls, weirdos, scammers....etc.... I just hope that doesnt happen here
              SoCal, Zone 9b


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                I don't think that can happen here, there are too many active, participating members and some are also admins and mods.
                Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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                  Originally posted by Q* View Post
                  When i first looked into figs a year and a half ago i checked in on the other site and it was a great source of knowledge....but the vibe was nasty...people fighting, no manners, no respect, know-it alls, weirdos, scammers....etc.... I just hope that doesn't happen here!
                  I second this motion!

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                    I am a newbie myself to the forum, I try to tread lightly and freely admit my ignorance when it comes to fig growing and I genuinely appreciate the free help and advice that has been freely given. I have grown various fruit and vegetables my whole life and can earnestly say Plant people are always the kindest most patient type of people I have ever dealt with. Plant people enjoy what they do and love to teach others how to grow.


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                      Members should do a little homework before asking questions, use the search function.

                      If I give cuttings or trees it is with no strings attached, once they are yours, do as you wish, they are now yours.
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                        We do have an excellent group. There have been almost no issues here in the months the board has been up.


                        • Kelby
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                          Except for that Hershell fellow, he's nothing but trouble .

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                          Well, then there are those administrators who like to cut me of in med sen