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  • Has anyone ever bought from this ebayer?

    His figs look very nice! Would you stay away since he's out of country? Do his varieties have more common (American) names? Is his "ROUGE DE BORDEAUX" the same as the Violet de Bordeaux that I see being traded in the states? etc?



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    If it were me, i wouldn't buy from outside the US. I'm not sure what the US importation laws are but I think they have to be bare-rooted but you may want to check to be sure before buying from outside the US.

    With respect to Rouge de Bourdeaux, he also says it might be Pastiliere.

    The leaves do not look like my Ronde de Bourdeaux or Violette de Bourdeaux.
    Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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      Don't bother looking at foreign listings. You'll get a visit from a USDA agent to confiscate your e-bayed fig tree.
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        newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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          Can you elaborate? I see that "Moderator" tag and that definitely gives you clout in my book, but a curious mind is wondering. Thanks!

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          Mike, I have first hand experience of obtaining some cuttings off Ebay from
          a distant location. I received a phone call from the feds and then a visit. My
          dead cuttings were confiscated and I was issued a written warning.

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        Search here or on f4f for people beeing visited by the Feds because the cuttings arrived from abroad through eBay.

        Do not.
        USDA z 10a, SoCal. WL: Boysenberry Blush


        • silveradocanman
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          I've tried some searches with no luck. Can you point me in the right direction?

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        It is illegal to import plants into the US without certain licenses and quarantine protocols. eBay provides the USDA with information on all purchases made by US buyers from overseas sellers. Sooner or later USDA agents will visit, seize the materials purchased and have the authority to seize any other plants on the basis they may have become infected by an unknown pathogen. It is pathetic that eBay allows it to happen, but caveat emptor rules the day.

        There is a reason it is illegal to import plants without following the rules. The list of imported diseases and insects is very, very long. Many excellent varieties are available in the US, no need to buy from over seas.

        To answer the original question, Rouge de Bordeaux is not VdB. I don't know much about it beyond that.
        SE PA
        Zone 6


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          Here's a few from F4F with a search for USDA...

          BTW, most of those cultivars are available in the USA except for possibly the last 2.
          and Rouge de Bordeaux is an actual cultivar, which is available in the US and not Violette de Bordeaux
          Good Luck.
          Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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            Sounds good! Thanks for the replies. No overseas for me!


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              Here's a list of trusted eBay sellers. Some are members here.

              The Following is a list of "Known" Ebay sellers / vendors and their Member since dates with Ebay... ..... They are all participating members of the

              And there are many members who are not on that list that sell and people have had good interactions with.

              So if you have a question, just ask and people will respond.
              Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)