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    I'm going to re-word my question.

    I recently acquired quite a few nice 5+ gal nursery pots for free. Would a fabric liner help promote a denser and better developed root system by promoting root branching instead of spiraling over using nothing. I realize root pruning should be done regardless every few years depending on tree and pot size. I would rather promote a denser rootball instead of spiraling thick roots on the outside of the pot.

    Heavy2600 you said roots hit a wall then spread, isn't that the same concept as the fabric stopping the root or air pruning? They hit the side of the fabric/pot/bag or whatever and branch out.

    I was going to get some bags then found these pots. The fabric liner has been mentioned in several posts as an option, but I have no experience..
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      I have heard about lining containers with weed barrier fabric, and ther is some kind of paint to paint inside containers. I tried the fabric in one gallon container.
      At transplanting this spring I was curious if the roots will be air pruned, I was disappointed the roots circled around the rootball and fabric, the roots did not grow through the weed barrier fabric.
      I wanted to take picture but didn't.
      I still line inside sides and bottom of containers.
      Maybe there is a special fabric that will air prune roots in containers.

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    Yes the fabric does what you ask. But the whole pot wall is filled with roots so quickly that it becomes a pot wall, no longer fabric. No longer airpruning. The next round of roots follows the old and hits a wall then ventures on. It’s good for seasonal like Tomatoes and Potatoes (that is the origination of pot bags. Not for trees and long-term plants). When you repot a bag or pot with cloth liner you will see it’s just a PITA and not worth the hassle. You have to repot every few years no matter what. Why not chose the pot that lets you just bang the sides and slip it out. Not have to rip and pull and retro fit a new cloth liner. Have at it. But I bet you try it just once. In my experience, bags, cloth liners, are just not worth it. Weed fabrics that eventually weeds grow through or on top of. You rip and dig that crap out for years. Same with pots. Not worth the hassle during setup or mess later. Skip it and accept gardening requires work.
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