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  • Looking to buy cuttings of productive LSU/LSU-ish Figs

    UPDATE: nice members have helped me find all of them, thank you everyone!


    Here are the LSU-ish figs that I currently have: Alma, Hollier, Improved Celeste, LSU Gold, LSU Tiger, O'Rourke, and Smith.

    Here's what I think I'm still looking for: Hunt, LSU Champagne, LSU Purple, LSU Red, LSU Scott's Black, LSU Scott's Yellow, LSU Thibodeaux, and Mega Celeste.

    Anything else I'm missing that I should be looking for?

    These figs do well in-ground here, and I'm hoping I can get them all to be productive with enough winter protection. They also do well in my hot and humid tunnel greenhouses, where it's a lot like southern Louisiana most of the year.

    I would like to buy 2 cuttings of each variety, with as many varieties as possible coming from the same person in a large package deal, and preferably from an established member who has been contributing to the various online fig forums for at least a year or two. Send me a pm if you're interested. (EDIT: they're all covered, now, so I'm not looking for any of them anymore)

    Thanks for the help
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