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  • Kellogg's Cactus Mix for soil?

    Does anyone use straight "Kellogg's Cactus and Palm Mix" for growing out cuttings? or maybe even for longer term potting/container soil? From all I've read it seems to fit the bill for rooting figs, am I mistaking?

    I have about 30 cuttings in the mix now, all are doing very well so far.


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    I have used it quite a lot in potting mixes. But it is *so* fast draining. Which for a lot of the country is probably good. But for me in AZ it is too fast draining and my plants suffer (water doesn't stay around in root zone long enough and on 115 F days the plants transpire so much water that they are dying of thirst). It is a nice neutral mix. So I add / mix in sphagnum and compost to bias the pH down (I have high pH water) and to retain moisture.
    Location: USDA Zone 9b / Sunset 13. Chandler, AZ