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  • OT - Got Me a Free Papaya Plant!!

    This morning, on the way home from the grocery store, I thought I saw a huge fig tree right on the edge of undeveloped lot on my street. Went home, got a shovel and a pair of pruning sheers and went back to see what it was I saw. Turned out it was an 8 foot tall male papaya plant (don't know the variety), loaded with blossoms. I checked with all the neighbors and they said take it. Good thing it's been raining all day. It made it really easy to remove. Now along with all my little fig plants, I have a nice papaya plant to go with them and the four red papayas I am growing from seeds (they just stuck their heads out of the dirt a couple days ago). Happy camper here!!! Now, if I can only win that darn Powerball!!
    Edward - Edgewater, Florida (Zone 9b)
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    Nice. Here in NC they need to be in for the winter which means a big greenhouse. The nursery where I have my orchids has about 10 trees and they would have harvested fruit this year but the storm blew it all off. Good luck with yours.
    NC Zone 7a-b


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      I have one too, it comes indoors for winter as well.