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  • Black Madeira and Figo Preto

    Hi Folks,

    I've have been reading in old posts in this forums that basically Black Madeira and Figo Preto are synonyms, and essentially the same fig.
    My question is, if this has been established for a few years now, why is that BM is selling at 3 times the price of FP at FigBid? Is BM more hardy? Or is it that folks just go after the more known name of BM?
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    There are slight differences. Dig a little more or buy one of each if your curious and you shall see. I have all the different versions and they all have different growth and rooting habits I’m noticing. Info I have researched on fruiting times and photos/size of mature fruit have slight differences. They are probably all cousins if not brothers.
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      Any differences in taste?

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      I have only had one. So someone else with more experience should way in.

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    I'm one of the folks that leans toward the idea they are the same, or at least so similar that I couldn't tell the difference in a blind test. This was based on growing a single plant of each variety for a few years and tasting the fruit. It is possible that under certain growth conditions (different than mine) certain differences might become apparent. It is almost impossible prove that two varieties are the same unless one were to sequence every nucleotide of their genomes. Even then one could argue that one variety has adapted to a certain environment and thus has slightly different characteristics than the other.
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