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  • Last Call for L S U First round Cuttings For Newbies

    L S U First Round cuttings For Newbies

    11-19-2015, 03:44 PM

    I have a lot of the different L S U Figs from L S U this is the first round as I take more cuttings off the different types I will post them for all you new people . First round packs are 2 L S U Gold 2 L S U Purple and 3 Brown turkey For $ 10.00 and $ 4.00 shipping These will be guaranty to root one of the L S U Gold and Purple for new people so a no fault deal for you I will replace them at no cost to You. all interested P M me Joe

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    If I didn't already have Lsu Purple and Brown Turkey I'd hop on this. Very reasonable price. Looking forward to see what you will offer in round #2.