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  • 500 Members, a thank you and a request.

    “A Forum by Members for Members”
    Our Fig Forum
    Guys and Gals,
    Our forum is becoming larger and stronger by the day; We have had 500 members join in just nine months. Our fig references and resource materials are growing as is our daily bandwidth and volume usage. We have increased access by visitors as well as we are constantly increasing our membership. Thanks to you, our members, the information is germain and of great value to our subscribers. We soon will have 30,000 posts and 3000 topics. Topics range from microscopic fig culture issues to the identification of the green southern fig monster bee. Yes, we understand those 3000 topics are about everything we want to talk about and new topic postings might not be the best place on our forum to include conversations. We are working toward streamlining access to information for current members and for visitors alike. The more we grow the better organized we must be.
    That is the purpose of this posting. There have been many suggestions about the direction of OurFigs Forum; discussions about ease of use; comments about bugs; suggestions on how the site should look and feel. I have been listening. I appreciate your comments and I am formally asking for your help to make OurFigs the premiere goto Fig presence on the internet.
    I would appreciate your sending confidential suggestions/comments to me. I know change can be difficult, but with your help we can make any adjustment smooth sailing. Our efforts are for the betterment of our forum. Please be frank, your information will be greatly appreciated and remain confidential.
    If you have any skills that might help in our efforts please email [email protected] I had asked in the past and I know some volunteered but change takes time so even if you had contacted me before would you please do so again. Some of the changes were beyond my abilities so impossible to implement. We have a member who has a great depth of knowledge in web design and has graciously volunteered his time and efforts to help take the forum to the next level.
    We are making progress daily. There are new and I think exciting changes that will soon be rolled out. The forum has been successful because of your knowledge; because of your participation. I wholeheartedly, Thank You all.

    Cutting sales at willsfigs.com will continue till about March 1.

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    I think a congratulation to you Cugino and to all member for sticking together and to be there for one another to help and be helped. And no need to thank us... We should be thank you because of all you time and efforts. Salutè to you!
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    1) Rest peacfully Amico Bello Buddy 👼🏼.
    2) This weeks ebay auctions.


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      Hear, hear!

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    Thanks to everyone that puts the time in to make the forum what it is. It takes alot of effort to make everything run as smooth as it does. Thanks WillsC for making this a fun place to hang out. No doubt this forum is going to grow really fast. It's a great place to learn and grow as a gardener.. I enjoy seeing the harvest from the growers thats been figging for years. It shows me that all my hard work will pay off in the years to come. I really like how everyone is willing to share with eachother. I'm interested to see what the new things that are coming to the forum..
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      Ourfigs is the premier forum. Over the past four or five years I felt it best to read and learn rather than post on other forums. Immediately, I felt Ourfigs was inviting and helpful. WillsC most certainly should be commended for his hard work and willingness to share his knowledge with us all. So many figs lovers here on Ourfigs are just as giving of their knowledge. Also, PMessaging has made me a better fig collector, gardener and propagator. Thank you all for being a part of figgy future and all that is yet to come.


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        I love this forum and the information I learned here. It is like the college of fig in one easy to use classroom. I especially like the comraderie and the humor and humility here. It is nice when we can joke and learn and make fun of ourselves if we are new to fig growing. I admire the knowledge contained in the members here and their willingness to share with others. I look forward to finding out what is new everyday. Wills you should be proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time. This is the place to be. Good Job.