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  • OT: Favorite Thanksgiving Leftovers

    My poor husband has to deal with my love of all things turkey-related. After the big dinner, I boil down the bones and carcass to make broth (great for sipping if you have a sore throat) and chop up the white meat with some shallots and mayo for tiny sandwiches in the leftover potato rolls. What are some of your favorite things to do with leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner?
    Zone 7a in Virginia

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    New tip I learned this year: Use a waffle iron to make crispy sourdough stuffing rounds, then use them to make a sandwich with leftover turkey and fixings.
    Bay Area, CA (zone: 9B)


    • rusty hooks
      rusty hooks commented
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      OMG Sarah....that sounds like the bomb

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    There are two things I look forward to with the Thanksgiving leftovers: turkey sandwich with mayonnaise, stuffing and cranberry (the jellied kind not whole berry) and turkey soup.

    My turkey carcass was simmering on the stove all day today. Tomorrow I'll finish it up with carrots, celery, onions and leeks from the garden.

    I also love the leftover pies of course. Pumpkin is my favorite but my wife cannot stand pumpkin so we also have apple and sometimes pecan pie too.
    Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


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      O.T. I make cranberry salad, whole canned cranberry + small dice celery + walnuts crushed; son makes crapple pie, cranberry layer with apple layer on top; daughter makes 10 or 15 starters: blue cheese stuffed Belgian lettuce, stuffed dates, slices of bree layered with pineapple wrapped in a pie dough then baked etc.etc; wife makes old fashioned pumpkin pie with home-made whipped cream; youngest son makes drinks and keeps everyone at ease.

      Wish we had leftovers!

      Had 30 for dinner, its all gone 20# bird brine with juniper berry. Had nut rolls, pumpkin roll, peach pie, crapple pie, shiitake mushroom stuffing, roasted root veggies, potatoes mashed with ricotta cheese, spinach salad with pears and pecans. JUST NO LEFTOVERS ......... 8 (

      Saraht...going to make some stuffing just to try your idea about using the waffle iron and making sandwiches - sounds GREAT. Just need to get the fixens.

      Fitzski your sandwiches are the bomb, but I need leftovers. Will shine shoes for leftovers!

      Happy holidays.

      Chauqg Zone 6b North of Pittsburgh


      • fitzski
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        it sounds like you need to have two turkeys: one for the guests and one for yourself that you can make leftovers with

      • SarinaP
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        I'd be so upset without leftovers!!! I put little Tupperwares of everything aside to make sure we had some... Just the big stuff like mashed potatoes and stuffing.

      • chauqg
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        SarinaP, That is a great Idea......Next year I'll set some aside before dinner goes away. Thanks.

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      I get the old cast iron grinder and grind the left over dark meat and small bits of white meat. Add diced celery and onion, a little mayo and you have a nice turkey salad. This week, I am going to try a turkey pot pie. Crust on both the top and bottom of course.
      Dave- Waterford, Ct. Zone 6a


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        I see Dave likes the same thing we do, Home made turkey pot pie. I actually think my wife looks forward to the pot pie more than the turkey itself. Also I am fortunate enough to be able to grow my own lemons here (Meyers Lemon) so I make from scratch lemon meringue pies for desert. I do have to cover them for the rare hard freezes we get though.


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          We always have turkey noodle soup, but we were visiting my son and my wife made it there before we left, and left it for him. We did have turkey pot pie last night - was excellent!

          There is never any leftover stuffing, or that would be my favorite leftover.
          SW PA zone 6a


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            I like making pressed sandwiches like paninis. I'll take remaining turkey, stuffing and cranberry chutney and slap it between some good bread (focacia or sourdough) and put them on a pan and cook up. I also substitute roast pork for the turkey since my father in law makes a killer roast pork as one of the main dishes for thanksgiving. Yummy
            May the Figs be with you!


            • SarinaP
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              Ooooooh, now that sounds great!

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            I don't understand leftovers? Doesn't everyone just eat until the food is gone?
            Phil North Georgia Zone 7 Looking for: All of them, and on and on,


            • DaveL
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              Phil, if we ate the food until it was all gone, than we would not have anything left for leftovers! Lol

            • rusty hooks
              rusty hooks commented
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              Phil...we cook 3 times what is needed to ensure the best "leftovers"...that IS the focus around here

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            Your recipes pot pie, panini, turkey salad, turkey soup, turkey sandwichs with stuffing and cranberry, waffle grilled stuffing all sound so good. I think I'm going to try them all.

            An aside on the cranberries we have been enjoying. We should have them more often.because:

            Cranberries Have Powerful Antioxidant Properties

            Cranberries have proanthocyanidins (PACs) which are very powerful antioxidants that remove harmful free oxygen radicals from cells. They have shown that the antioxidant power of PACs is 20 times higher than that of vitamin C and 50 times higher than vitamin E. That gives this berry super powers!

            Cranberries Can Prevent UTIs, Stomach Ulcers, and Much More!

            The PACs in cranberry have a special structure (called A-type linkages). The special structure of PACs in cranberries acts as a barrier to harmful bacteria that might latch on to the urinary tract lining. This can prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and new studies are being done that found they also help with preventing stomach ulcers as well. The PACs can also attach to the stomach lining, protecting it from the bacteria Helicobacter pylori which causes stomach ulcers.

            Cranberries can Prevent E. Coli Infections

            PACs help prevent rare strains of E. coli from growing into large bacterial numbers that can result in outright infection. You’re never going to completely eliminate certain bacteria like E. coli because they serve a purpose too. You have billions of strains of E. coli helping you digest your food and make vitamins, but there are certain rare strains that can make you sick, like the ones you hear about in the news with food outbreaks. The good news is that the PACs in cranberries can form a barrier that keeps these strains from getting a foothold. I bet you didn’t know that?! Super cool how our body works, isn’t it?

            Cranberries also have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation throughout the body, especially the mouth, gums (periodontal disease), stomach, and colon.

            Thought we all could do with more cranberries not only because they taste so good.
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              A big pot of Turkey soup, of course. Also make a batch of Turkey enchiladas with green sauce for a change of pace. They are the best!
              Gary USDA 9A
              Sebastopol, CA


              • Sarahkt
                Sarahkt commented
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                Nom. My family makes enchiladas with Christmas leftovers.

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              Way too many ideas for just one turkey....I'll head out for another in the morning...along with some sourdough dressing mix....(and we're not even done with the first one)

              turkey ala king tonight and the turkey bones et al are cooking down for soup as I speak
              Ross B. Santa Rosa Calif zone 9b, wish list: CdD Blanc, Igo, Palmata, Sucrette, Morroco, Galicia Negra


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                My favorite 'leftover' is just turkey, congealed taters, dressing and gravy, reheated. Yum!

                I also make turkey broth which makes the best of soups.
                SoCal, zone 10.
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