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  • Here is what I have left...

    Beings winter is coming to South Carolina tomorrow night where we could go below freezing.
    I pruned back a few figs and ended up with extra cuttings that I figured would be best shared here on this forum.
    I ask for $2 a cutting, you pick the variety and amount. There is $5.25 flat rate box shipping.
    Send me a pm if interested.

    Lemon fig (huge sweet bright yellow fig) 4 cuttings available

    Hardy Chicago 3 cuttings

    Black mission 2 cuttings

    Improved Celeste 3 cuttings

    Hollier 4 cuttings (super rooter and grower)

    Green Greek 2 cuttings

    All the figs in my orchard are named as I received them, I would not offer a cutting from a non proven plant.

    Here is my little disclosure, some have read it before....
    Understand, I'm doing this to share varieties with people.
    I cannot be responsible if they grow for you or not.
    They are as fresh as they can get and sold in good faith they will grow great.
    I cannot refund money if they do not grow. I will be glad to help if you have any questions.
    Some people use a 10% bleach / water to clean their cuttings but that is up to you.
    I suggest my 3 cup method followed closely will produce good results.
    If there is anything I can do, just ask.
    I will print your shipping label and send you your tracking number.
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    All sold out.......thanks