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  • Desert King? And a Ridiculous Capri

    Ok. The story starts out nice but I think it ends with a regular old well known fig.

    I first heard about this “awesome” green fig with a red interior for a breba. It was from an old Japanese man that got it from an old Italian woman.... finally got a chance to see and try the fruit but now I think it’s just Desert King....?? What do you think? Click image for larger version

Name:	636AFA07-A828-488C-9CF1-C206C7BFB5E1.jpeg
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Name:	15A80026-51F0-4C4C-A219-47C4D1121493.jpeg
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Name:	61713232-B735-42C2-A354-94D564DA6230.jpeg
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    These next pics are of an insanely productive caprifig. It is 30’ tall and 60’ wide and sprawling and the whole thing looks like this.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	50883404-0068-4974-9E57-DFBB59943809.jpeg
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Name:	9422CD9D-0564-4ADC-BF57-76095E3F6804.jpeg
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    The last pic is an unknown that I just found but haven’t tried fruit from. The breba wasn’t flat like this and I cut it open and it was starting to turn red. The only other flat fig like this I have seen is Black Zadar.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	9B766963-EB59-43FC-93B8-BBB775295A2E.jpeg
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    Eric - So Cal zone 10a

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    I think you've died and gone to fig heaven. That capri is crazy..!! And the flat fig is interesting.
    Alpine, Texas 4500ft elevation Zone 7


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      No leaf pic, Eric? You rookie! 😊
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      • Evdurtschi
        Evdurtschi commented
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        All I got was the fig. I did ask for a leaf pic next time he is over in that area

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      I have a fig called Armenian that looks exactly like the flat fig. I’ll see if I can dig up some pictures.


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        Need to cross that Capri and make some mega productive common figs for us poor non-wasp folk!
        DFW, Texas (8a)
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          Perhaps the unk flat fig you've found will turn out to be something like one of my unknowns. It'll be another year before I can confirm the ID though, as I need to see if it produces a breba crop. Yours has a similar funny donut shape and early stripes to the figlets, so it will be interesting to see what it ripens into.

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          Kate - on acreage in a subtropical/warm temperate growing region in south-east Queensland, Australia


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            Armenian looks a bit like that one.
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            • Evdurtschi
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              That’s a very interesting looking fig! How does it taste?

            • ramv
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              It ripened when it was very cold. So it wasnt particularly sweet.

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            How about one more interesting story about a similar looking fig that one Italian woman brought at US under the name Filacciano? Maybe it was the same Italian woman? It looks very similar to DK though
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