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  • Rafaelissimmo
    commented on 's reply
    Don Sanders the Taverna/Michele/Fabio lexicon is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS, thanks for taking the time to decode our boy's words.

  • eboone
    commented on 's reply
    Don you left out one of the important words for the Taverna78 decoder...Fico = fig

  • don_sanders
    Pre-pending an @ sign at the beginning of a user name in a post to alert them that you are taking about them or to them is a nice feature that some may not know about. don_sanders

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  • don_sanders
    commented on 's reply
    Here's a start for some definitions. Depending on what you wanted to include, it could get quite large.

    Figging - hmmm...I'm not writing that.

    SIP aka SWP - Sub Irigated Planter aka Self Watering Planter
    SM - Spaghnum Moss
    RH - Relative Humidity of the ambient air.
    PH - Potential of hydrogen - measure of acidity or basicity of aqueous or other liquid solutions. 7 is neutral.

    Cutting - Part of an existing plant used to propogate. Generally, about 6 inches long and wider than a pencil with 3-4 nodes with figs.
    Pre-rooting - Using any number of methods to get roots started on a cutting.
    Root aka rooting - Getting a cutting to grow roots using any number of methods.
    Cup - Planting cuttings in cups in an attempt to get them to grow roots.
    Up Pot - Transplant to a larger container.
    Grow light - Artificial supplemental lighting for indoor growing.

    5-1-1: Potting mix consisting of 5 parts pine bark and 1 part each of spaghnum peat moss and perlite.
    Long Fibered Spaghnum Peat Moss - Gathered while live intact dried moss comprised of long fibers. Commonly used in pre-rooting.
    Spaghnum Peat Moss - Gathered while live ground dried moss. Commonly used as a soil conditioner.
    Peat Moss - Harvested dead moss that had sunk below the living spaghnum. Dried and ground.

    Pinch - to remove the apical tips of growing tips to induce side branching. Usually done during active growth.
    Prune - to cut off parts for better shape or more fruitful growth. Usually done while dormant.
    Graft - Joining tissue from one plant onto another so that the two sets of vascular systems grow together. Commonly used to propogate plants or to grow multiple varieties on one root system.
    Pleaching aka plashing - Interweaving branches together. Can be used to "fuse" two trees together so they look like one.

    EL - Edible Landscaping
    UCD aka UCDavis - University of California Davis
    LSU - Louisiana State University

    BTI - Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis - A bacterium used in the prevention/extermination of fungus gnats and other dipteran larvae.

    Unknown aka U aka Unk - denotes that a variety is previously unknown or may not resemble the variety that it was labeled.
    BT - Brown Turkey
    RDB - Ronde De Bordeaux
    VDB - Violette de Bordeaux
    MBVS - Marseilles Black. VS is Herman's initials.
    BM - Black Madeira, Black Mission, Bowel Movement
    Bi39 - Beniamino Infelise 1939
    PT - Ponte Tresa
    CDDG - Col de Dame Gris
    CDDB - Col de Dame Blanc
    CDDN - Col de Dame Noir
    NDC - Noire de Caromb

    c - Celcius (F - 32) * 5 / 9
    F - Fahrenheit 9 / 5 * c + 32

    OT - Off topic
    IMO - In my opinion
    IMHO - In my humble opinion

    PM - Private Message

    Taverna78 Decoder:
    Grazie - Thanks you
    Prego - you welcome
    Come stai - how are you
    Tis - This
    Zia - Aunt
    Zio - Uncle
    Cugino - Cousin
    Fratello - Brother
    Sorella - Sister
    Padre - Papa
    Madre - Mama
    Nonno - Grandfather
    Nonna - Grandmother
    Amico - Friend
    Signore - Man
    Signora - Woman
    Culli Cazzi - @#$%^

  • GregMartin
    One way to resize photos is to import them into Paint. There's a resize option on the Home tab next to the Select box. Just resize it and then save as a jpeg in a folder you keep for pics you want to use online.

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  • WillsC
    Also if someone wants to write up a description for those that still use an actual camera to upload pictures. East to follow step by step instructions and/or an easy program to do that with.

    Would like someone to tackle abbreviations as well we use. To us they are a non issue, we know what they mean but for new folks looking in..a sip? What the heck is a SIP? You get the idea.

    There are just not enough hours in the day for me and from the start I wanted this a community site and this is a great and helpful community. A place where people contribute and the more that is contributed the better the community becomes.

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  • WillsC
    Originally posted by don_sanders View Post
    Maybe mention visitor messages and private messages and that you have to select private message on a persons profile as the "write something" text box is a visitor message.

    Would how to update your signature and profile picture go in here?

    An overview of the "Go to first new post" and "Go to last post" buttons could be helpful. It took a while before I knew they were there....although they are hard to miss now
    Yep all of those are examples of what I am looking for.

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  • Taverna78
    commented on 's reply
    I have iPhone 6s Plus.

  • cis4elk
    commented on 's reply
    Interesting, do you have Android or iPhone?
    I might look into this. I have been texting them to myself and then saving to device storage (android ), but I would like to skip the texting and storing if possible and use an app that can resize without storing a copy of a picture I already have.

  • don_sanders
    My iphone on ATT doesn't shrink photos to myself in text or email so I use "Batch Photo Wizard". Works well and for multiple photos at a time. Just select your options and save them so that you just have to select the photos that you wan to shrink and click start whenever you open the app. It saves a copy to another Album for easy selection.

    Maybe mention visitor messages and private messages and that you have to select private message on a persons profile as the "write something" text box is a visitor message.

    Would how to update your signature and profile picture go in here?

    An overview of the "Go to first new post" and "Go to last post" buttons could be helpful. It took a while before I knew they were there....although they are hard to miss now

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  • Taverna78
    Is very very easy and very fast
    You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 2 photos.

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  • Taverna78
    I get free app from App Store call


    It take 10 second to select photo from photo album and simply hit "resize" button and it post photo to forum instantly and easily. Tis what it look like.....

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  • WillsC
    started a topic Forum Tips&Tricks

    Forum Tips&Tricks

    Looking for the members tips and tricks for how they navigate the forum, post, abbreviations, search ETC. It will be for a coming FAQ. The text may be edited for clarity when added to the FAQ. It is a way for community members to contribute and help other members especially the new folks.

    I will start........

    Uploading pictures:

    For most of us I think we use our phones to take most of the pictures we upload. I encourage that anyway, if for no other reason the following suggestion makes the pictures smaller and I pay for the forum by bandwidth we consume. Well I may make the monthly payment but I will say that to date the members here through contributions, auctions to benefit the forum or donating a percentage of the proceeds they bring in from on board personal sales have paid the forum bill 100%. Some members even have autopay donations through paypal and I appreciate the support more than I can express. BTW that is an example of what will be edited out for clarity

    The easiest way for me to upload pictures is simply to text them or email them to myself. I make an entry in my phone that lists my phone # and my email address just like you were adding a friend to your address book. When you take a picture then text or email it to yourself your phone will automatically reduce the photo in size. The carriers have that capability in their phones to reduce their bandwidth. The reduction does not hurt the quality of the picture in any way your eye can see. It does take a picture your phone took that is say 7 MB FAR above the limit of the forum and shrinks it down to 500KB or so. Then you simply post the photo. No need for an external app to resize, While it may seem odd that you can text a picture from you to you it works like a charm.