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  • Varieties List (subforum)

    You will see thanks to Pete and his hard work a varieties subforum. Please read the sticky at the top. This is just a temporary solution I believe until we can get a database made. Let me know what you think. Going to see if we can have a search just for that subforum.

    Please read the Varieties List Intro @ http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/variety...sting#post3496
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    Pete, you did a great job putting this together in such a short notice. It will serve as a great tool until such time the data base is developed.
    newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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      Impressive work in such time, Pete! I'll try to add some posts with any info I may have if it's missing.
      SE PA
      Zone 6


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        Great stuff, guys. Very impressive.
        Frank ~ zone 7a VA


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          No doubt a lot of time and energy was put into this. Very nice work, Pete! I'm just so awe-struck at the cooperation and aloha ourfigs site has. Mahalo everyone!
          Faith, family, friends and figs. (Not necessarily in that order).


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            For the sticky instruction post in the varieties subforum, you might add a line to specify a ruler or quarter for comparison for leaf photos too

            If someone came across a fig name not in this list, would he contact an admin to have it added?

            Nice work! Wish I had more mature plants to help contribute once they leaf out.

            Who is "OurFigs"? Just a log in name for any of the admins?
            SW PA zone 6a


            • WillsC
              WillsC commented
              Editing a comment

              Just a moderator character that I made at Pete's request so he could post all of that.

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            And viewing the list briefly, there are a number of figs passed around by forum members not included there. For example AscPete's BryantDark etc and coop's Dominick's fig. Would like to see fig varieties like these included. And that brings up again the question if they should be listed with the 'Unknown' as a prefix or suffix
            SW PA zone 6a


            • AscPete
              AscPete commented
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              The figs that will be included or excluded is beyond my pay grade.
              Yes the list is posted on the web. all the links have been verified as of (last edit dates) http://www.ars-grin.gov/cgi-bin/npgs...Ficus%20carica
              The listed figs were ones that were commercially available in September 2013, so there are definitely omissions, but its a start....

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            The thanks should go to Wills for his leadership and ability to delegate.

            He or She is Our Fig Forum's "Dread Pirate Roberts"...
            Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


            • eboone
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              Pete - did you use a listing from UC-Davis or the Nat Germplasm Repository for your variety source?
              Glad that you were able to finally come up for air - that was a lot of work!

            • AscPete
              AscPete commented
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              ED, Yes and no...
              UC-Davis GRIN list was added to the "Commercially Available" list.
              It was an exercise (spreadsheet) that I did in Sept 2013 for the "Flavor Groupings" topic at F4F.

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            That's was a lot of work to say the least! Thank you for this valuable resource!!!
            Scott - Colorado Springs, CO - Zone 4/5 (Depending on the year) - Elevation 6266ft

            “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison


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              The idea is to use this Varieties List to collect and parse data that can be easily transported into any database.
              The categories still have to be confirmed but the general Ideas and form are in place.

              Its our own "Fig Varieties Wiki" with a familiar user friendly Interface (Front-End).
              Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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                Just noticed the sub-forum. Great effort! Hmm a fig wiki... that would be nice too maybe better than a relational database.


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                  Really nice Pete, now I can correct my spelling.
                  Nothing in the world takes the place of growing citrus till figs come along. Ray City, Ga. Zone 8 b.


                  • AscPete
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                    But who said their spelling was correct...

                  • Hershell
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                    Sometimes it's just best for me to go with the flow, and besides YOU are the man.

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                  Pete, a great job!
                  Some figs go by different names. Would be nice to include the synonyms
                  USDA z 10a, SoCal. WL: Boysenberry Blush


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                    Interesting approach Pete. And thanks for the effort involved.

                    Are you interested to hear about apparent/possible misspellings? (Or did the spellings all come from GRIN?).

                    For example, Filacciano Bianco, which is spelled on here as Falicciano. It's one that is pretty widely written about around the world (especially in Italy), and given the namesake (the municipality of Filacciano, near Rome Italy), it seems awfully likely that this was just someone's transposed letter data entry error.

                    OK, not just trying to make a request for that being updated -- rather, a sincere question: How/where/whether to report apparent (or suspected) editorial errors such as that one... do you want us to report them here?
                    Mike -- central NY state, zone 5a -- pauca sed matura


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                      IMO,The most labor intensive part of setting up a database is is the actual data acquisition and data entry. hopefully this will simplify whats to come.
                      Thanks, It wasn't much effort on my part.

                      Yes am always interested in creative criticism.

                      The spelling of all the cultivars with DFIC #'s is per GRIN.
                      click on the hyperlinked DFIC# info... The GRIN ascension page will open. Hover your cursor over the webpage's tab in the Browser. You should see the actual names of the cultivars.

                      The Other names are as listed on various websites... If there is a typo it can easily be corrected please send a note.

                      Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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                        Having a sub-forum was a very good idea -- it's a great and useful first step toward a more structured database, and it certainly allows the ball to get rolling early.
                        Jim -- Central NJ, Zone 6b


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                          Please read the Sticky at the top of the Varieties List 1st page...

                          If there are Comments, Questions or Discussions about an individual cultivar it should be posted on the Main Fig Forum.
                          If you would like to add a missing name please post it in the (Sticky) Varieties List (subforum) Topic on the Main Fig Forum.

                          This Sub Forum has been created to gather data on the listed cultivars.
                          The data will be compiled into a searchable Database for Web access.
                          Your shared Pictures and Info may be edited and used in this project.

                          Please observe the following basic guidelines for posting pictures and text it will help to keep the Data better organized

                          The posts can always be edited to add information.
                          The post should be anecdotal information and links to informative websites specific to the cultivar.
                          Its necessary to format the information so that in can be easily copied into a database format with categories for easier searches.
                          It should be concise but include;

                          Zone / Region
                          Cultural practice
                          Leaf descriptions
                          Fig descriptions
                          Growth habits

                          Pictures should be 640x480 to 1200x900 for easier viewing and should include an item for scale if possible

                          Quarter for figs (Plate or Floor Tile for background if possible)
                          Ruler for plants (if needed for scale)

                          All available contributions, pictures and anecdotal information are appreciated. Thank you.
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                            When you are in the varieties sub forum the search box at the top right of the page you will notice it has a pull down menu. It has two check boxes, one is to search only in the varieties sub forum and the other is to search just the titles. If you check both boxes then put in say Alma you will just get the return for the Alma dedicated thread.


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                              Is it possible to be able to sort the sub forum varieties alphabetically? Would be a nice option...
                              SW PA zone 6a


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                              Originally posted by eboone View Post
                              Is it possible to be able to sort the sub forum varieties alphabetically? Would be a nice option...
                              I second Ed's suggestion. It would also be nice to have a sub forum for tutorials, grafting, rooting techniques, etc. another one for trading, maybe?
                              Otmani - Dallas, TX - Zone 8a
                              Wish List: Byadi, Brogiotto Bianco, La Goccia D'Oro, Sicilian White, Ghzali, Shtawi, White Triana, JH Adriatic, Atriano Gold, Genovese Nero


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                                To sort the list alphabetically:

                                Go to 1st page of the Varieties List...
                                Click on Filter... (just above the 1st post)
                                sort by Titles and Ascending or Descending
                                Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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                                  Wow. This is an amazing job. I've been poking around and this seems like a great way to compile data on figs.
                                  Some of the comments were interesting.
                                  I like the idea of adding unknown or unk to the suffix for newly discovered varieties.
                                  That would make searching easier but still allow them to be added to the list.
                                  NC Zone 7a-b


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                                    Are the filters (and the date-stamp function for new posts) working correctly in this sub-forum? I replied (added info) to Peter's Honey today, but for me it's still showing Battaglia Green as the most recently posted topic/thread, when I come in by default. Even when I use the filters, although that re-sorts them, it doesn't seem to sort correctly. For example, if I sort by title descending, then it shows Peter's Honey as first! (followed by all those z___ figs). But no matter what sorting I do by date, it doesn't show Peter's Honey at all. And in the topics view (the index page, not inside any topic thread), it shows the date of the original post, not the response doc (in fact, it's showing zero responses... but if I open up that thread, it does have my response doc in there). Most of the time it's just "stuck" on Battaglia Green as most recent. Is this something that I've done to hose up the default behavior? Or is there something wrong with the date-stamp and sorting/filtering function going on here?
                                    Mike -- central NY state, zone 5a -- pauca sed matura


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                                      Also, when using the "scroll through" of the pages, it seems to miscount the total number of pages. (Won't let me see all of the posts that way, unless I use a filter setting to find the ones I'm looking for... for example, going through in alphabetical order, it caps at 20 pages (using a setting in my profile to use the forum default for number of topics per page). But that doesn't even get to the P's in the alphabetical listing. I have to change the filter differently to be able to scroll to the P's. Maybe the indexing can be adjusted a bit in this sub-forum? (Or if there's some setting that I've got that's causing this to mess up, any tips on what I'd need to change would be appreciated).

                                      Edit: it almost looks as though there's some cap (like 200 topics, or something like that) that is defaulting?

                                      For an example to see what I'm saying, look at the entry for Peter's Honey in the Varieties List sub-forum. On the index page it is showing the last post as 2/25/2015 (when Pete as Our Figs created the initial post for that thread). But if you open up the thread, you'll see that I posted a response there with a date of 3/6/2015. So something seems hosed somewhere in how the "last post" index is being stamped.
                                      Last edited by MichaelTucson; 03-06-2015, 09:23 PM. Reason: added last paragraph... an example of what seems to function incorrectly.
                                      Mike -- central NY state, zone 5a -- pauca sed matura


                                      • AscPete
                                        AscPete commented
                                        Editing a comment
                                        There are several glitches in the subforum that I've forwarded to Wills' attention.... I think they were trying to reorganize the list alphabetically, which may have created some of the issues. All the cultivars that were posted are still available, they can be found with the Search Function, by Title and Search Only in Varieties list. The list has reverted back to its original Default state.

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                                      I would like to add Frank's Fig Unknown to the Varieties List. (Actually, I did add it yesterday, along with info and photos, but it seems to have disappeared from there... so I reread the "PLEASE READ" sticky post at the top, and there's a comment there that says it should be posted here instead). I saved most of the info, so I can recreate the post if an "authorized" root post is created. Not sure why my post there disappeared, but I'm guessing it wasn't considered authorized or something like that. (I did try to follow the right format though).

                                      I was reluctant to post this posting here, because I'm still hoping someone can see the questions in my two posts above and comment on what went wrong there as well.

                                      Thanks in advance...
                                      Mike -- central NY state, zone 5a -- pauca sed matura