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  • The last figs left on the tree...

    Out in the yard today and wanted to take the last pictures of fruit before all the leaves and figs fall off. A couple pictures of my hybrid, gino's, and hardy chicago.
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    SoCal, Zone 9b

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    Gorgeous! You're so lucky!
    Zone 7a in Virginia


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      Wow those do look nice for December!! One guy I know near Phoenix has already had 26F. He must be in a colder area than you.

      Do yours produce thru the worst heat of summer or take a siesta?
      Alpine, Texas 4500ft elevation Zone 7


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        Thanks guys!
        Right now we are getting highs in the low 70's and lows in the high 30's at night. In the summers the plants dont do much in the month of July. They just stop with no growth...most of the leaves get a little crispy on the edges and the figs tend to dry out unless they have a lot of water. I grow mine in pots so i can move them into shade if it gets too hot. I know people here that have in ground trees that do fine in the heat with no problems at all and produce figs from May-Dec.
        SoCal, Zone 9b