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  • Atreano

    Today's topic: Atreano. As always, please share any photos you have and also load them to the new Fig Variety sub-forum. Thanks!

    Atreano is said to have been bred in Durazzano, Italy for superior production and taste. It was imported to America from Italy by fig lover Hanc Mathies and then shared with Belleclare Nursery in the late 90's. This is another one the three figs Hanc Mathies kept in his collection as he aged (along with Hanc's English Brown Turkey and Green Ischia). This variety is somewhat hardy, but it shouldn't be considered reliably hardy north of Zone 7. Does not seem to fruit first year after dieback. It does grow very well in containers.

    Figs are green when ripe with amber or light pink flesh; they become more yellow and flavorful if left on the plant longer. Green fruits are often missed by birds but become a target as they turn yellow. The fruits are large, plentiful, and tasty (very sweet). The skin is also sweet and flavorful, even in cooler weather. The breba crop is very productive and can ripen into the equally productive main crop. Some thinning may need to be done on this variety to ensure the main crop ripens. Seems to handle rain well. I have seen it listed several times as a favorite light fig along with Adriatic JH and Battaglia Green. My understanding is that it is not the greatest tasting fig in the land, but it is able to ripen loads of very good figs in less that perfect areas like the Northeast.

    Apparently this variety does not do well in ground in the deep south as per CajunFigs, keep in mind he has different cultural conditions than many other fig growers (lots of rain, high humidity, etc).

    There seem to be several varieties under the name Atreano in circulation, so be cautious when acquiring this variety. It appears a variety released by Rolling River nursery is apparently is not the true Atreano and has lackluster flavor. Encanto carries this as Atreano RR. There is also an Atreano Gold (which apparently is also from Belleclare) which some people say is the same and some say is not, that's a matter for authorities greater than I.

    I, personally, am looking forward to this variety a great deal. I just hope I have the right one! If the fruits are as good as the hype, I'll grow it in a very large pot to get both brebas and main crops here in chilly zone 6. My sole cutting of this variety has been quite vigorous, it seems this variety has strong vigor.

    Fun fact: herman2 likes the brebas from his Atreano so much he got rid of his Desert King, the only containerized fig he grew.
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    Keep the info and trivia coming, Kelby.
    I can add a bit more from a Tallahassee perspective. My 6 foot multi-branched in ground tree froze to the ground for the first time in 4 years. It is the earliest biggest green fig I have. It is very good until the rain and humidity hit it hard.
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      Finally a fig that I have!!! I received my cuttings from Jon V so I would expect them to be true to type. I have a Desert King too so it will be interesting to see the difference between the two when they both start producing fruit.
      Kevin (Eastern MA - Zone 5b/6a)


      • Kelby
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        Encanto has Atreano OR and Atreano RR. Hope you got the OR!

      • fitzski
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        I took a look at the receipt from Jon and it's an Atreano FN. Any idea what that means?

      • Kelby
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        My guess is that FN is source of his tree, beyond that I have no idea. Frank N? There are a lot of Franks around here...

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      My Atreano from Encanto is RR. Grown in a container, 3 years old, it has been prolific, but taste-wise, very disappointing. Rather 'blah'. It might not make the cut.

      SoCal, zone 10.
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        Thanks Gina, I updated above to clarify about Atreano RR.

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      Great info, Kelby.
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        My favorite honey fig! One of the first to ripen in my collection. A definite keeper in my yard. Large fig, delicious flavor.
        You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 4 photos.
        Frank ~ zone 7a VA


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          Is yours in ground, Frank?

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        I have recently acquired the Atreano OR which I've been told is the "original" (no I can't elaborate, sorry) Its fruit is supposed to be more laterally compressed but mine is too young to have given me figs. Perhaps this year. My Atreano RR is a productive tree and the fruits are very nice when properly ripened. Mine is in a 15 gallon pot and has been a very reliable producer for years. My RR ripened on 8-24 in 2014 and on 8-22 in 2012. Back when I assigned "taste numbers" to varieties I considered the RR to be an 8 out of 10. I no longer assign numbers, btw.
        Sorry about the crappy photos. These are just for my ripening files. If better ones are needed for the database I'm sure I can dig some up.
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        • bent
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          This looks just like my White Marseilles....I would have assumed Atreano to have a pink interior.

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        I kept mine two years and sent it to the burn barrel. It just struck me as taking up space for no good reason.
        newnandawg 7b Newnan, GA


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        • Gina
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          My Atreano RR is getting close as well. This may be it's last year. I'm going to try thinning the fruits to see if they can taste better than 'blah; - just flesh with no flavor. It could be bearing far too many fruits for the leaves to produce enough sugar for all of them.

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        I also have Atreano FN from Encanto. It had the accession number 1-25 and it sounds like that came from Paradise nursery. I still don't know what the FN is, unless a P at one point got written as an F...


        It has a few breba set and I'm looking forward to giving it a try this season.
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        • Kelby
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          Hmm, PN becoming FN makes sense, good idea!

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        Mine came from Frank (Bronxfigs) who got it from Zaino's nursery on Long Island and is pretty certain they got it from Belleclare nursery. This was one of my top 3 figs last year in terms of productivity and quality of fruit. For a fig on the larger side, it starts ripening relatively early (mid-August last year) and just keeps ripening until the cold weather comes.
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          I like the sounds of that! Last winter for some reason my 1.5 yo Atreano died, only one that did and I have no idea why. Luckily for some reason I decided to take a cutting from it which grew to about 18", maybe this year I'll get a fig or two.
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            Originally posted by Rewton View Post
            Mine came from Frank (Bronxfigs) who got it from Zaino's nursery on Long Island and is pretty certain they got it from Belleclare nursery. This was one of my top 3 figs last year in terms of productivity and quality of fruit. For a fig on the larger side, it starts ripening relatively early (mid-August last year) and just keeps ripening until the cold weather comes.
            Looks and sounds like my version. Mine is already breaking bud in the garage.
            Frank ~ zone 7a VA


            • Rewton
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              Yes, your Atreano's leaves look like mine.

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            Ditto post #1....
            A very knowledgeable and reliable source told me that the owner of Zaino's Nursery in Westbury, NY (Long Island) and the Belleclare Bros. were neighbors, and that the "Atreano" that Zaino's is/was selling originated from Belleclare wood. Belleclare/Atreano wood came from Hanc Mathies. Zaino's labeled their trees "Atreano-Gold".

            It's a good workhorse fig. Very vigorous, healthy, disease-free, and very productive. The very large figs will turn a deep, golden-yellow when fully ripe. I grew this variety up until the 2013-2014 Winter killed off most of my trees. The Atreano did not survive.

            Honestly, If I had to pick a great "white" fig, "Atreano" (propagated from the original), would be on top of my list. When grown properly, and water is restricted at the roots when figs are ripening, the thick, jammy, honey flavor, is hard to beat.

            Note: This variety may not do as well in all climates and areas. I know nothing about any of the other sources for "Atreano", or how the trees perform....if they are the read deal, or, if they are fakes.


            ************************************************** ************************************************** *

            Steve...when all the planets and stars are in the correct alignment, you'll have so many figs on your tree(s), that you will have to thin out some of the figs. You may even have to trim away some leaves so the sun can hit the figs as they ripen. Some of figs off my trees were so large that only two of the golden figs would fit on my flat hand.

            ************************************************** *******************

            Something to consider:

            Over the years I have heard, anecdotally, that some bogus Atreano-type figs were released by retail/wholesale growers on the West Coast, that these fake Atreano trees have made their way into our collections, and are poor substitutes for the real thing. It's a shame.
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            • Rewton
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              Frank, last year I had the Atreano in a 5 gallon SIP. Looking back I probably should have thinned out a few of the figs because I realized later in the season as the figs were getting ripe that it grew very slowly (or hardly at all) after June or so. Last weekend I gave it a root pruning and moved it to a 17 gallon container. Hopefully the space and fertilizer will help it to bounce back from all that production last year. I'm looking forward to more of these figs!

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            So far this variety is living on the edge -- getting closer to the burn barrel for both "RR and OR" varieties.


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              I bought an Atreano plant 3 years ago on eBay and last year I discovered it to be a Celeste. I told my story on the forum and the kindness of Vito and Art sent me the real deal this winter. They are rooting in the basement now and am anxious to give my opinion of this guy sometime soon.
              Lets hope.
              By the way, that Celeste happens to be extremely tasty and a terrific grower


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                Coop....good things come to those who wait. Give it a few years to settle in.



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                  I am rooting a few cuttings that I got on eBay. The leaf looked just like the one in Frank Bennett's photo above. I hope it's a good one.
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                    This is a little fig variety that I had a chance to purchase from A Vancouver island producer, and with some fertilizer wizardry we had a chance to sample its fruit last fall as well as this spring already. So I can only assume that last fall’s was the main crop and this one is breba but they look nothing a like and the taste is totally different as well.

                    This is from Last fall, the flavor was super sweet and berry flavored.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	35037BFA-6BFA-4B6E-93FF-60EABE14A8AC.jpeg
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                    and this his one is from this week

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	788235EF-C101-46A5-84ED-C51628F77EB4.jpeg
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Size:	80.3 KB
ID:	514057

                    this is one was juicy but the flavor was bland and it really didn’t do much for us.
                    So im hoping that the summer main crop will be flavor full again. It’s still just a baby less then 12 inches tall so it’s got a long way to go, but it’s been exciting harvesting figs from our little 8x10 greenhouse over the winter.

                    Here is the picture of the tree from a week ago in the greenhouse Click image for larger version

Name:	CB52D573-44C2-43A5-9C39-5306D2ECE0FC.jpeg
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Size:	78.7 KB
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	F90DA657-3D3C-4750-AD6A-9D0D5D3E4FBC.jpeg
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ID:	514059

                    It had lost all of its leaves when I had to spray for mealy bugs, but it never dropped its fruit, so that was a nice surprise!!

                    Of if I don’t have the info in my bio, we live in BC Canada zone 5ish. So all my figs come inside for the winter and I’m new to the hobby as of a year ago last October.

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                      We grow Atreano from Northwoods Nursery (the wholesale supplier for One Green World and sometimes Raintree). I also have 2 trees from Rolling River but never thought to compare them to the others to see if they are different. The descriptions and pictures above correspond with ours. The Northwoods trees are very vigorous, produce heavily, and start ripening quite early with a long harvest period.

                      The breba are far inferior to Desert King for us. The main crop is inferior to Conadria although they look similar on the outside. They are sweet but not very distinctive flavored. The main problem for us is that they look great when first picked, but within a few hours they start looking all bruised and the skin is so thin it rubs off when you put it in a basket. Since we sell ripe figs at farmers market, we need them to look okay when we get there, and these just don't. So last year I grafted 6 of the 12 trees to others varieties, and 5 of the grafts were successful. I still have 6 trees left but I'll probably graft those next year.
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                      • shawnjames70
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                        Mine is from OGW. Will see how it taste this year.

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                      Ill get some this year!!!😁
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                        Do Atreano also get the sword type leaves like Bianchetta, another light italian fig?
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                          Atreano has been very good to me... I think I have 6 container trees now... They're tasty, reliable, quick to fruit and low-maintenance.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Click image for larger version

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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	a3.jpg
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