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  • Fico Fetifero or Fico dell'Osso

    Is anybody growing a real Fetifero/Dall'Osso fig? I was reading about it in Pomona Italiana.

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    These ones below are not the real dall'osso. From an Italian forum commenting on the attached pictures: GOOGLE TRANSLATE
    Look, I 'd love that she was right , however, things are very simple and Gallesio was very precise in his paintings . The truth is that this is not the real ' Fetifero ' because fully ripe turns black and is bi - colored and are also quite usual morphological changes in the figs , especially the very common ' Verdino ' , and no one would dream of calling ' Fetifero ' . If you are from a look at the site below : Ficus carica cultivars DALL'OSSO or FETIFERO You can clearly see what is ' Fetifero ' and what is not.
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      The external color of figs varies greatly with temperature and amount of sunlight. I have no experience with this particular fig, though.
      Bob C.
      Kansas City, MO Z6


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        I have the fig in the picture. It is the false dall osso. I live in zone 5 upstate New York. I only had three fruits and two of them were mutated like the pic. It was on the main crop.
        I will say this about hers. It is a black fig and people are saying the brebra is the mutated one. My fake dall osso is different plant than hers. Weather hers is real is another story to be told soon.


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          I have feeling we will see some fruits tis upcoming year
          Zone 5 Chicago IL Wish list:
          1) Rest peacfully Amico Bello Buddy 👼🏼.
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            Some people say it lost the 2 color characteristics overtime, so now it became an all dark fig.
            I strongly doubt this. In september i was at Lago D'Iseo in italy and found a very old tree growing next to a ruin.
            It had some figs that resemble the Dall Osso shape and they were 2 colored like the Dall Osso always was.

            Rotterdam / the Netherlands.
            Zone 8B


            • drmsafar
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              Editing a comment
              Dear Rob Ster,

              Do you have this plant in your garden? I would like to buy 1 or 2 cuttings, when they are available. I have two plants, one from US and the other from Dr Paolo Belloni's collection. But Dr Belloni told me his fetifero produced black figs only so far. The US plant has produced 2 figlets. Still too early, I think, to see the uniqe shape.