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  • OT: favorite holiday recipe

    Since we are all spread out all over, I was wondering if people would like to share their special holiday recipes. Mine is a simple candy made with crackers, chocolate, and butter toffee. It's soooooo good, my coworkers ask for it every year: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/9901/ch...ttle-surprise/

    I make it without the nuts, btw.
    Zone 7a in Virginia

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    I make something similar but it's a toffee recipe that's poured on to a buttered half sheet pan, alowed to cool just enough so it won't dent then covered with chocolate chips. I mix dark and milk. You have to put the milk on last or they'll burn.
    Bob C.
    Kansas City, MO Z6


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      My traditional family recipe only gets made every 4 or 5 years because that's about how often we can all get together. It's a no-bake fruitcake. (Best tasting fruitcake ever...I promise.)

      1 pound each of: Toasted pecans, walnuts, white raisins, dates, dried figs (stems removed), candied cherries (I substitute 2 large jars of maraschino cherries, each sliced in two), box of graham crackers, a can or two of Eagle Brand condensed milk. Rough chop the nuts and fruit. Finely crush the the crackers. In a big roasting pan mix all the ingredients before adding a can of Eagle Brand. Best to use your hands to mix everything. Mix until consistency is a thick paste; add more Eagle Brand if necessary. Line loaf pans with wax paper and firmly press mixture into pans. Refrigerate until firm. Cut into slices and serve.

      This recipe was developed by my great-great grandmother and, for me, is the taste of the holidays.
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      • SarinaP
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        Oh wow, that sounds fantastic! I'll have to try making that this year! I love this kind of dessert (not too complicated to make)!

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      Sarina, my family does the same kind of crackers with toffee and chocolate. We call it Christmas Crack
      Bay Area, CA (zone: 9B)


      • SarinaP
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        Soooooooo good, right???? I made little bags for my colleagues and called it Chocolate 3 ways: Cracker Brittle, Dulce de Leche Brownies, and Marshmallow Fudge.

      • Sarahkt
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        A family friend of my uncle's first brought it to a Thanksgiving party. Everyone lost their dignity and ate the entire container that day.

        Those gift bags sound amazing. They must LOVE you!