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  • Wilting of rooted cutting

    Is anyone familiar with the specific cause of this.Is it a fungus or something else. Please look at the picturehttp://www.dotphoto.com/ViewAlbum.asp?AID=6724990&IID=274322209

    One leaf got it first and then the other leaf. The edges curl and the leaf gets a grayish look right where it is dying. This is the second cutting it happened to. Those leaves will surely die.

    Thank you

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    look like to much humidity

    Click image for larger version

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      Agree with Dave about too much humidity - I had some like that last year that survived though
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        I had some do that after a drastic humidity change (I left the lid off to long). once the humidity was restored, it a bit, the cuttings did recover.
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          Yes. Too much humid. Or sudden change to ambient air or over water. Cut all 3 things back

          Also check underside for mites
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          • maimai2
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            No, dont cut that '3 things back' . Leave them alone . At the eye of the 2 leaves, 2 new 'things' hehehe will sprout soon to make the plant more bushy .

            Possible problems :
            - excessive humidity
            - disturbance (move around too many times)

            Any roots ?
            If no root, then pull it out to check if bottom of the cutting is rotten . If so, cut the rotten part off then root over again .

            Roots ? yes ?
            Hurry ! hurry ! Put it back into the pot and cover with a dome or a plastic bag (punch some more holes)

            Otherwise mites will ravage the poor plant
            Good luck

          • Taverna78
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            No no no I don't mean cut back tree I mean cut back on playing with it. Give little water and put dome back over it. No cut tree

          • maimai2
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          OK. I appreciate the replies. I cut the cancer out. It chooses to live or die at normal room humidity 50%.


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            I'm not sure the value of cutting off leaves-I would expect some energy production for the plant even if leaves are a little sickly
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