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  • Commercial sales

    This morning I had to remove a posting by a member for several reasons.

    1. In my opinion the thread was a commercial listing. The member stated that this offer was just for members but it is listed at his business website so it is open to the general public.

    2. I have issues with buying a plant before that plant even exists. If something happens and he can't meet the obligations it reflects badly on Ourfigs

    3. There is nothing to prevent a person from making such a listing scooping up the $ then months from now when the plant is supposed to ship the person has disappeared. Not saying James would do that and i'm sure he would not but if he is allowed to do so how can I say no to the next person and I have to think about the members and the site as a whole.

    4. A link in the signature to a commercial interest is fine.

    5. If I had been asked about this ahead of time I would have said NO. It put me in a very awkward position that I did not appreciate.

    Yes people are going to say what about your fig cutting sales. You don't want the competition and I assure you that is not the case. Other members including James have sold cuttings and I am fine with that as long as it is small scale non commercial and done on the board.

    1. It was For MEMBERS ONLY.
    2. Cuttings purchased actually do exist and will be shipped when stated they will be.
    3. The cuttings I sold were ON THE BOARD to members of the community not advertised on the board and had members go to an external sales website.

    A link in your signature to a commercial interest is fine.

    Anyone that wants to buy his plants here is the link http://www.greenfingardens.com/


    Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern

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    Difficult decision Wills, I can't disagree with anything you pointed out.
    Nothing in the world takes the place of growing citrus till figs come along. Ray City, Ga. Zone 8 b.


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      Wills, Thank you for protecting everyone's interests.


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        I thought about this for over an hour before I deleted the thread....there are so many pitfalls in allowing this and once you set a precedent it is set. If people want to sell a few plants, few cuttings once or twice a year you are more than welcome to do so as has always been the case. Take my cutting sale..first even though I technically own the board I STILL asked for the members thoughts on it BEFORE I posted it and only when the membership wanted it did I post it. A once yearly event is vastly different than an ongoing daily business enterprise. I won't even post my own sale page anywhere near this board except in my signature. The thread was just not over the line it was in the next state. I'm going to catch crap over it......all I can say is I have to do what I feel is right, and did. All of which is transparent for all to see and I stated the reasoning behind it. Not everyone will agree with me most may disagree and that is ok, we are all entitled to our own opinion.

        Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


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          It makes sense once you say it but the thought would never have occurred to me in advance

          It is helpful that you posted this.
          Bob C.
          Kansas City, MO Z6


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            I think you avoided a big can of worms by deleting it.
            Jennings, Southwest Louisiana, Zone 9a


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              Deleting it should not be a bad thing. Hopefully, greenfin will understand and continue to contribute to our forum with his website listed in his sig line.
              Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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                In case you're reading this Greenfin...very nice offer on your site! Your pricing should substantially help with the mark up problem that plagues our fig hobby assuming that supply isn't instantly depleted.

                Wills, I like the line you're setting. Something important to figure out and set properly.
                Greg, Maine, zone 5. Wish List: Green Michurinska


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                  Thank you. We are young and growing fast and I guess with that will come some growing pains. I hope James understands. For the record my sales page will NOT be advertised here either except for in my signature. The rules affect and govern me just the same way as they do the guy who joins tomorrow, there will be no do as I say not as I do. If I wanted advertising on the board I would have a banner ad on the top and both sides of the pages and I would make money from that. It just is not what I want this community to be about. All for entrepreneurs it is the American way but this is not the place for advertisements.

                  I take full responsibility for this, it is my fault completely. I should have articulated a clear policy on just what was and was not ok.
                  Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


                  • GregMartin
                    GregMartin commented
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                    What I really appreciate about this forum is that you don't brush things under the rug. Because you discussed this openly everyone still gets the message that James (thank you again James) has this offer open for the community. At the same time, as the needs make themselves clear that posting policy needs to evolve, you bring us along on the process. Hard to pre-guess everything that will happen....this is the next best thing.

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                  wills I think you save everyone a lot of headaches by removing that post


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                    Wills, I disagree with your reasoning, but it's your site, so I'll of course abide by your rules.

                    I think it's important to clearly state that I'm trying to help the community, not hurt it, and that I think people should be allowed to make up their minds for themselves regarding who to buy from and under what terms. But I'm not going to argue about it, and won't harbor hard feelings.

                    Am I still allowed to buy your cuttings?


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                      There were problems with the thread on so many levels I don't want to even get in to it on the board, privately I would like to discuss it wit you.

                      This was more about the next person who followed your lead and the one after that far far more than it was about you.

                      I consider you a friend and I hope you feel the same way but I have to do what I feel is right for the group and the community.....I have untold hours wrapped up in this endeavor and while I never wanted the job in the first place I am personally invested in it and care a lot how the site comes across to people that stop by. All I can do is my best.

                      You can still buy my cuttings if I can buy yours

                      Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


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                        One thing that concerns me if I were buying rooted cuttings is them being bare root and shipped not being dormant. Willis Orchards has a reputation for this same practice but not on newly rooted cuttings and I think this could be trouble. I would love to have bought some of those varieties at that price but it just seems too good to be true it seems fishy. Just my thoughts and I have been wrong before.
                        Last edited by Hershell; 12-24-2015, 05:50 PM.
                        Nothing in the world takes the place of growing citrus till figs come along. Ray City, Ga. Zone 8 b.


                        • don_sanders
                          don_sanders commented
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                          The good thing is that he said he'd only have to bare root to California. Maybe he'll wait until they go dormant if they ask?

                          It does sound to good to be true but to good to miss out on too.

                          I don't know how he's going to do it but I hope he succeeds.

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                        I like the idea of keeping offers restricted to members so there is no commercial aspect to what could be viewed as "advertising" by some. Its seems a fair compromise. The other day a purty young lady in Michigan contacted me through FB asking for free cuttings. Turns out it was a fake screename of a notorious Asian pirate (of the male persuasion) using his friend's name and address as a conduit for free cuttings through our mutual friend's fb group. She would then forward the cuttings to Thailand where he would sell them for a markup. It pays to be vigilant. There's a lot of $ in them there sticks!
                        Zone 10b, Miami, FL


                        • smatthew
                          smatthew commented
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                          Rafaelissimmo - i promise i'm not a purty young lady. Wanna send me cuttings? *grin* Happy Holidays!

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                        I missed the thread but from what I've read all seems fair. Not that my opinion means anything, lol, just thought I'd add my 2 pennies. Thanks wills, we do appreciate all you do for us!
                        Ryan- CenLa, zone 8a/b