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  • House in a greenhouse

    In a Swedish house enclosed in a greenhouse they grow figs and other vegetables. It might work for their climate but for my climate I would bake in summer. Maybe it would be good for the Pacific Northwest area.

    The average January temperature in Stockholm Sweden is 27 degrees Fahrenheit. In this is cold weather it is expensive to heat the home and challenging to grow vegetables. As a solution to these issues, Charles Sacilotto and Marie Grammer created a massive greenhouse that encloses their home. They gave Fair Companies a tour of their “Naurhus” …
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    I have done that before on a smaller scale. If the greenhouse is sealed it's important to get a co2 meter and oxygen meter. The bacteria in the compost produce co2, when the plants are small they cannot absorb all the co2 that is produced by the compost as well as your breathing.

    But other than that, it's very cool, and I'm building another on right now.


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      My wife would kill me!

      I've suggested something like this as well as a long tunnel over the driveway so we don't have to remove snow. She wasn't impressed. We put a sunroom on the front (south) of the house as a compromise and it really helps keep the house more comfortable in the winter and summer. That room is now my wife's favorite in the house. I'd like to add a garage on the east side at some point to buffer another wall of the house away from the outside air. That and I'm working on a solid conifer wall on the north side. Not the same, but doing what I can.
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