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  • Hative d’Argenteuil

    The Hative d’Argenteuil is a unique fig, so this is on my wish list. Many have mentioned many different flavors, from pineapple and other tropical accents to an acidic lemony honey-berry. It’s also early and can dry on the tree. Drawbacks are that it produces very small fruit, a slow grower and can be hard to root.

    For more information about the Hative d’Argenteuil in the Fig Variety Database click on the link below. Feel free to submit any additions or corrections.

    Hative d’Argenteuil DFIC 86, Hative dArgenteuil, Native d'Argenteuil, Native de Argentile, Native dArgenteuil Often misnamed Native d'Argenteuil. From southern France. Flavor is unique, with a hint of pineapple and other tropical accents. Can be difficult to root and a slow grower. May be good candidate for air layer and/or graft. Bluemalibu @ OurFigs: This is a cultivar that I really look forward to each year. Hative d' Argentueil is a very intensely flavored fig... honey sweet, but with a perfect acidity to complement, and yet offset, its sweetness. The flavor is that of a lemony - berry syrup, and the skin is sweet and tender. The figs can be left on the tree to concentrate the flavors without fear of souring. Rating a 9.7/10 ! Ray Givens: A small, oblique-spherical violet fig with strawberry pulp. Good quality and dries readily. Condit has only a meagre description of this variety and I just acquired a plant likely to be this variety in Nov 1998. I expect to trial this variety with northern growers since it should be very suitable for areas with cool summers. It is/was grown in Argenteuil, a Parisian suburb, for market. Northern France is not noted for having warm summers.
    Talladega National Forest, Alabama, 7b, 616-814 chill hours

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    I had trouble getting this one to root,and I even lost an air layer. Luckily the member here was generous and sent me many cuttings to try again. I used the 100% DE method in an open pot and wrapped in buddy tape. A few rooted, and are now growing nicely.


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      Check back with me in a month -- Hopefully, "hative" will prove true to its name and have ripened by then.
      Joe, Z6B, RI. Still taking COVID-19 seriously. Self-quarantined. Happy the season is progressing well.


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        Hi Lance, your definition makes no reference to sourcing on this fig. My understanding is that the only source available is from the UCD Wolfskill collection, and descendants thereof. If I am wrong, I would love to be corrected. Let me know!
        Zone 7b, Queens, New York


        • cvarcher
          cvarcher commented
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          French Fig Farm sells 4ft sized trees for $99 . Been thinking of trying this variety out too.

        • Rafaelissimmo
          Rafaelissimmo commented
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          Corrado that is not my point. My point is that far as I know all plants of this variety originate from the UCD mother tree. If there is another original source, I’d like to know it.

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        I haven’t tried a whole lot of varieties yet, but I have tried some really good ones. This one is super good, and mine tastes like Doug’s description. I have mine on Panache rootstock and it seems to have outgrown its FMV. It grows well for me and sets a lot of figs. As mentioned above it is early, my earliest out of around 50 varieties, and I harvested my last fig on December 10th, my last fig of the season last year!
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        • Lance
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          VERY nice!

        • Lance
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          And 46g is not a small fig.

        • Fruitgrower
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          Thanks Lance, I set an air layer on this one that I was taking to Dougs fig fest, however the root bags dried out after the hot part of our summer here. I will have to remember to set them before it gets so hot here, or after the heat. I do have some others though that are doing good.

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        It is not a slow grower for me. It is a vigorous variety. Maybe that's because it is not on its own roots. I have it top worked onto CA Brown Turkey and VdB.
        Mark -- living in the CA banana belt, growing bananas, figs, and most any fruit I can fit in my small, crowded yard.
        Wish List: Angelito, De La Senyora (Sineuera), Tia Penya, Cosme Manyo, Roeding #3


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          So far on its own roots, it is lacking. Grafted, it is quite productive and a lot healthier.
          Zone 7A - Philadelphia
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