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  • Alaska Grow Buckets

    Anyone ever use these for growing fig trees? Does this system work?

    Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b

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    My current 5 gallon SIPs, "Easy SIPs", http://www.ourfigs.com/forum/figs-ho...8857#post48857 were originally modeled from the Alaska Grow buckets.

    SIPs are proven containers for growing fig trees, but IMO the original Alaska Grow Buckets kept the mix too wet for young fig trees, due to its larger "Wick".
    Pete R - Hudson Valley, NY - zone 5b


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      It's similar to what I've used as well but I used a second bucket for the reservoir instead of a colander. Worked great for vegetative growth. I am curious to see how it might affect taste vs in ground or in a traditional pot lightly watered....maybe I'll find out this summer.
      Don - OH Zone 6a Wish list: Verdolino, Black Celeste


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        Thanks for the post link Jerry, nice setup.
        Greg, Maine, zone 5. Wish List: Green Michurinska