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  • This is not a new harvest but want to share something I learned recently. Figs shown were harvested some time in November 2019 and stayed in refrigerator for about three months.
    I wish I have a picture when I put these in refrigerator. These taste great, no spoilage gummy, chewy texture and I loved these. I do not think that every fig will make it to that far but
    if you pick figs just at right time not too ripe it may work.

    Maryland Ellicott City Zone 7A


    • Looks like a delicious snack Naeem!! What varieties do you like best out of the ones you refrigerated?
      Chris - Zone 6b


      • Naeem
        Naeem commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks Chris. These are Figo Preto, Strawberry Verte , Verdal Lougue and Negronne. I like Preto and Strawberry Verte in this group.