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  • CRFG 2016 Scion exchange calendar

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    I'll be at Golden Gate (volunteering) and Sacramento CRFG exchanges. I don't have fig cuttings to swap, but I do have Prime Ark Freedom blackberry plants in 1g airpots to swap or sell. PM me if you want me to bring any for you.
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      Anybody is going to the Los Angeles one?
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        I plan to go but I do not know which one is the best .


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          Originally posted by greenfig View Post
          Anybody is going to the Los Angeles one?
          I went last year and would love to go to L.A. again, but it sort of conflicts with the Orange County one. I plan to be at O.C. for sure, and then I might show up a little late to the L.A. Meeting.
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          • maimai2
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            Do you mean OC is your first priority ? If yes, then I will meet you there, and after that I will run to LA .
            I have to book the flight ticket to OC now hehehe

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          I just noticed a few of the SoCal CRFG scion exchanges aren't posted on that list in the link. I plan the be at the Foothill one too on Feb. 6.

          Inland Empire chapter
          January 9
          Jurupa Mountain Discovery Center
          7621 Granite Hill Dr.

          San Diego
          January 27
          Casa de Prado
          Balboa Park
          San Diego

          Foothill Chapter
          February 6
          Lecture Hall A
          Arboretum of Los Angeles
          301 N. Baldwin Ave.
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            Yes, the O.C. Meeting is my first priority. Its because its the closest and the one I am locally registered with, but its also a really big chapter. Most monthly meetings have 80-100 members in attendance. Of the 3 scion exchanges I went to last year, it had the most variety of different fruits, including a bunch of stuff I don't currently grow, like avocados, mulberries, dragon fruit, and cherimoya. However, last year, the L.A. scion exchange in Encino had the most fig enthusiasts and a nice fig selection. O.C. Had different varieties. But with all scion exchanges, it all depends on who shows up and donates each year.

            I got two or three different fig varieties at each chapter. In addition to Preto, MBvs, Yellow Long Neck, UCD 143-36, I also got one scion each of Vista, Conadria, and Peters Honey, but I was unsucessful rooting those. There were a few other figs too that I didn't pick up between the three chapters I attended.

            The two meetings are about 1 hour 20 mins. apart in no traffic.
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            • greenfig
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              When you attend a meeting, do you buy the cuttings there or they are freely available?
              Thanks for posting the Foothill date, I will be there in Feb. 6.

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            Each chapter is slightly different in how they run their scion exchanges. If you aren't a CRFG member, some might charge you a participation/ entrance fee, like $5 or $7, but as far as the exchanges I have been to, the scion wood was FREE. It's an honor system to take no more than two of any single varietal.

            The O.C. Chapter holds a separate sale of bare-root trees and berries the same day, but outside the barn where the scion exchange is taking place. Some chapters sell rootstock to graft on to.
            Coastal SoCal/ USDA Zone 10b / Sunset 22 / AHS Heat zone 2