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  • A trip to Montserrat Pons in Spain

    I am thinking to visit Montserrat Pons (Spain) in September 2016 , to London , Italy and elsewhere in Europe . Does anyone interest to join the trip for fun ?
    If yes, have to make plan from now

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    Mai, what a great plan! Once a year my wife and I take a major (fig) vacation, Last year we did two weeks in Provence and Paris. Two years ago it was Northern Italy and the Greek Islands (yeah Ponte Tresa!!!). This year we are going to Mexico to see the monarch butterflies and later in the year to Alaska, so no Europe or figs for us.
    I am sure that there will be many fig enthusiasts who will join you, though. I will be happy to provide information of our itineraries to anyone who asks, including the coordinates of the Ponte Tresa mother tree. I will IM you with specifics.
    Frank Tallahasee 8B
    North Florida Figs


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      That is high on my "things to do" list but i will be in Morocco in september to apply for a passport for my kid.
      It's not a bad thing to be in Morocco during harvest season though and this time i will bring cuttings!
      Rotterdam / the Netherlands.
      Zone 8B


      • xenil
        xenil commented
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        Sounds good Rob. I cant wait to hear your experiences and see your pictures. And when you're there dont forget to bring cuttings back to europe

      • Rob Ster 010
        Rob Ster 010 commented
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        you can count on that!

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      Mr. Montserrat Pons just sent me an email that I want to share with everyone here

      "We currently have2200 fig trees of 1100 differents fig trees varieties.

      Thebest time to visitthecountryisin late Juneor August.

      Mallorcaisan island ofBalearicIslandsin the Mediterranean Sea,normallyyou get toBarcelonaand thenconnects withPalma deMallorca,thecapital.

      Best regards.HappyNew year

      Montserrat Pons. Field of experimentation of SON MUT NOU "


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        Sounds like a trip you should definitely make. Take lots of pictures to post on our forum.
        Jerry, Canyon Lake TX 8b


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          fig trees of 1100 differents fig trees varieties.

          1100.......I need more land.
          Cutting sales will start Tuesday Nov 1 at 9:00 eastern


          • Taverna78
            Taverna78 commented
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            No Cugino you need help ahahaha!!

          • GregMartin
            GregMartin commented
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            you need help and land!

          • DaveL
            DaveL commented
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            I'm retired and available.

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          36 Feet or 36 '' inches ???


          • Rob Ster 010
            Rob Ster 010 commented
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            Feet. 12 meters between the trees and between the rows!

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          ha that would be fun .. I better start saving or win power ball