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  • What is this error?

    Show up on an iPhone:
    You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 1 photos.
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    I'm not sure but I do know it is most likely Hershell's fault. He cost me $100 on Monday and refuses to pay up. In fact in the last two weeks he has cost me about $1500, also refuses to pay up. But he did have to have a root canal and a cap so that cost him $2,000 so I look at it as Karma-atical retribution.

    Is anyone else getting this I-Phone error? If so I will have our cracker Jack IT guy look in to it.
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      I get it too sometimes on an iphone when I swipe back to the figs home forum. A refresh of the page normally clears it up.

      The only other issue that comes to mind is that the go to last post buttons don't actually take you to the last post anymore. They seem to go to the last post but then scroll up afterward to varying lengths. I'm guessing that it has to do the the extra lines from the location workaround skewing the page lines.

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      • Harborseal
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        My laptop does the same thing with last post. It goes down then up again and finally settles on a spot closer to (before) the last post I read than the first new post.

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      I get it, too. Reload the page and it goes away.
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        Is iPhone issues. I get crazy stuff every day. I must reboot phone then is normal again. Is really no that smart of a smart phone.
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          Am I allowed to post? Am I banned yet? I won't complain but I'm on an iPhone
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            The only time I see that specific error, in that specific position is when (I think) the app is accessing the vB cloud server trying to gather a thumbnail of the post before presenting the actual text. It changes with the time of day. I assume it has to do with server traffic.......Most likely persons trying to get answers from support or reporting errors.....
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              Now, on my laptop, when I click go to first unread post (that button is the perfect size, BTW :- ) it puts me 2 or 3 past the post it should put me at.
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              • Sarahkt
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                Yeah, same for me.

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              I get an error occasionally when I'm notified that someone posted + -1 post on a thread I'm subscribed to (I guess we're automatically subscribed to anything we've made a post on), but then when I click on the thread it tells me I'm not authorized to view it. Is the -1 because someone deleted a post, which only admins are able to view? If that's the case, can we remove the notification that someone deleted a post, since non-admins aren't allowed to view it anyway?

              You may only view thumbnails in this gallery. This gallery has 2 photos.
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